Human rights activists question Veerappan’s killing

Here’s why?

People’s Watch, according to the ‘BBC’ (which henceforth shall always be mentioned within inverted commas), is a leading human right’s group in India. Its leader, a Henry Tiphagne, has questioned why

Why could the 100 armed police officers who surrounded Veerappan not have forced him to surrender or simply wounded him?”[‘BBC’]

Here are some good reasons why.

10 thoughts on “Human rights activists question Veerappan’s killing”

  1. I am sure the ‘BBC’ would not have been able to care less if 50 of the 100 policemen took some bullets in their endeavour to capture Veeru alive. They have earned the inverted commas, rather like an army officer earning his stars or stripes, and it is only fair that all of us use them regularly in future too.

  2. The reason 100 armed officers could not have made Veerappan surrender was because he would never have, unless his demands were met. It is similar to why Uday and Qusay Hussain were killed and not captured alive. Saddam is a totally different kettle of fish. He was powerless, Veerappan wasnt quite so even if he wasnt as prosperous as he was a year or so ago. Personally I’d love the STF to stop all the rumours by coming out with a proper DNA report confirming that it was Veerappan. The STF did a superb job. They can make it awesome by shutting up the mouths of the naysayers.

  3. Just like UTI, the ‘BBC’ has become a negative indicator. When the UTI buys into a stock, be sure its time to sell it. Similarly, when the ‘BBC’ raises questions like these about terrorist rights, be sure all was well and propah…

  4. So are we going to compare our government to a thug like Veerappan? Government has a responsibility towards maintaining the sanctity of life, even if it happens to be a hardened criminal. It is incorrect to say that “BBC” would be happy if 50 soldiers would be injured. No. “BBC” would be happiest if no one was injured and Veerappan was captured alive (injured or otherwise). You do not hold terrorists accountable… thats why they are terrorists; you hold governments accountable for their acts.

    Having said that, am I sad Veerappan is dead. Hell no. HELL NO. I am absolutely delighted. If I were a STF, I would do the same. Abso-fucking-lutely! But wouldn’t THE right thing be to capture Veerappan, ensure that he be punished according to the law, and do so within an year.

    Atanu has a theory of second-best. In the world where we know that there is a chance Veerappan would escape (either physically escape or slip thru legal loopholes), it would be the right thing to kill Veerappa. Agree. Absolutely. But does that mean we shouldn’t strive to be better; closer to the “utopian”?

  5. Yazad, you of all people, being a libertarian, shouldn’t be saying “biased BBC.” After all, if BBC is REALLY biased, the market forces should be strong enough to kick it out. So, isn’t this a hypocritical whining, or have I understood “libertarian” incorrectly (ie. totalitarian when it suits you, liberal when it doesn’t).

    [PS: Yazad, I don’t mean this as an insult to you. Its an honest question, which I have put in strong words. In addition to Atanu and Nitin’s blogs, yours is the third blog I visit regularly. I don’t really disagree with most of your views… but I am plainly confused.]

  6. the BBC can pull up hundreds of news clippings starting from the 80s to see what an encounter killing is like … its not the first time cops have used such tactics – now they should just hurry up and confirm that the guy they shot was indeed veerappan

  7. Niket,
    1) The BBC is a government organization funded by a compulsory levy on the TV sets of British subjects.
    2) The “Market Force” is not a superorganism. I am the Market Force. When I choose to complain about bias, when I inform others about the bias and when I persuade others not to watch what I consider thrash, you ARE seeing the Market Force in action.
    3) Market Forces give the consumer what they want to see, not necessarily the truth. I am not here to prove that Market Forces work perfectly, just that they work better than any realistic alternative. Believe me, try to come up with ANY alternative and I will pick out bigger holes in it than you can pick out in our theory.

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