It’s all happening in Islamabad

A bombing, a mugging and al Qaeda videotapes

A powerful explosion at the Islamabad Marriott injured seven people, including an American diplomat who was there having dinner with his colleagues. The Pakistani government neither blamed terrorists or the shadowy ‘foreign hand’, in fact, it went all out to insist that the explosion was ‘merely an accident’ caused by a short-circuit. But eye-witnesses and the US State Department think otherwise.

Brigadier Cheema said there could have been an air vacuum in the hotel.

“If your room is virtually airtight, even if one electricity bulb bursts, it produces a big sound,” he said.

“These buildings are under high pressure so hence the bang was created.”[‘BBC’]

From a purely scientific point of view, the Pakistani government’s explanation is less than, shall we say, airtight.

Imran Khan and his two sons were mugged in daylight in Islamabad.

Two men appeared from bushes with semi-automatic weapons and Mr Khan was forced to hand over money, credit cards and his mobile phone. [‘BBC’]

These men did not belong to an armed group led by a well-known British actor, and again, a foreign hand is not suspected.

The now-famous ‘October surprise’ showing Osama Bin Laden’s media makeover was the second al Qaeda tape to surface in Pakistan last week when it was hand-delivered to Al Jazeera’s Islamabad office. Despite the US government’s attempts to block its telecast, the Qatar-based satellite television channel went ahead and aired it.

Its all happening in Islamabad.

2 thoughts on “It’s all happening in Islamabad”

  1. These are minor matters, seems like. If Puke-istan could get away unpunished after running a veritable nuke wal-mart (led by the venerable AQ Khan), could get away wuith sheltering Taliban and Al Qaeda and maybe even Osama himself, I dont really see these minor incidents like bombings and video tapes causing Islamabad as much as a nosebleed…
    Yeah, now if the US ambassador were, say, assasinated or Mush himself were incapacitated, then, who knows things might, just might, shake up a wee bit….
    Till then, pickup the remote and zap to another channel.

  2. It must be part of the renaissance in Pakistan that we are getting senior military leaders doubling up in civilian roles, also spewing out ground-breaking scientific theories, expounding stuff that no one would have thought possible. Either Brigadier Cheema fancies himself as this century’s answer to Sir Isaac Newton, or he is living in a fool’s paradise trying to bluff his way through God-knows-what using Pakistani mumbo-jumbo.

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