The peacemaking industry

Nepal notices that not all foreigners are tourists

A Nepali commentator notices that there are one too many cooks stirring up the peace pot.

At last count there were at least two dozen government and non-government outfits with the word ‘peace’ on them like the Peace Secretariat, High-Level Peace Committee, Civic Solidarity for Peace and Citizen’s Peace Commission.

The Americans have hired South African conflict expert Hannes Siebert to advise government officials, political parties and civil society. Britain’s DfID has hired a slew of consultants for what it calls ‘mitigation of conflict effects’ and has spent 4 million pounds to promote peace. DfID officials told us the money was used for “capacity building” in conflict resolution for officials, parliamentarians and civil society, research and conflict analysis and support for media.

The Europeans hired two experts to prepare a report on conflict prevention assessment two years ago and another expert is arriving next month. The EC is releasing another report on the conflict soon. [Nepali Times]

And its not just the Europeans and the Americans — Pakistan’s prime minister too was there a couple of weeks ago. He promised to provide arms and training to Nepali government forces.