It’s the time to…talkie!

Lots of talktime on offer

Today’s newspapers are full of reports of talks — from Assam ULFA sends word that it is willing to talk to New Delhi; in Kashmir the Hurriyat’s Mirwaiz is ready to talk to the Prime Minister; National Security Advisor JN Dixit is on his way to China to talk to them about border issues; he had already talked to Musharraf’s Man Friday secretly about the peace process; and Foreign Minister Natwar Singh is managing expectations about the talks during Shaukat Aziz’s forthcoming visit to India.

And yesterday, in Sri Lanka, the LTTE asked India to talk to its tiger-striped (parallel) administrators before commencing development projects.

Talk, certainly, is in the air!

1 thought on “It’s the time to…talkie!”

  1. The only way to talk to terrorists is the John Major way “We will not negotiate with a gun pointed to our head”. Unconditional talks only serve to legitimize the terror groups, give them time and material to regroup, and emerge worse than before. We saw that happen in Nagaland, we are seeing it happenning in AP. Fortunately it might never happen in Kashmir, or we could see an end to Indian sovereignty there overnight.

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