Bangladesh’s own refugee problem

Three Rohingya Muslim refugees killed in clashes with police

Bangladesh finds itself suffering from some of the usual problems with refugee camps.

Kutupalong houses some 8,500 Rohingyas, who crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar’s western Arakan state in 1992 claiming they were being persecuted by the Yangon military regime.

The clash erupted after a group of Rohingya refugees attacked a police post at the camp, trying to free one of their community leaders who had been detained for sheltering illegal people.

Police fired rubber bullets to subdue hundreds of refugees who were throwing stones and brandishing sticks during the two-hour long clash, officials said.

Mannan denied that police killed the victims, saying they were shot by criminals, who exchanged fire with police during Thursday’s clash before fleeing the camp. He gave no more details. [Reuters]

The Rohingyas have a Lalu too — Lalu Mia, alias Lalu Chairman, who has several cases pending against him for agitating against repatriation, has been arrested by Bangladeshi authorities. Banglapedia has more on the Rohingyas.

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  1. Instead of UNHCR’s efforts many Rohingyas did not want to return to their home aparently for economic reasons. Because of language and ethnic similarities and they can easily blend in the border population and find work inside Bangladesh. A few of them were apprehended in Dhaka Airport recently, when they were trying to go to middle eastern countries carrying false Bangladeshi passport.

    This issue has to be dealt very carefully by Bangladeshi authorities so that they do not try any efforts like push-in to Burma (as exercised by BSF) because there may be opressions waiting for them at home. The repatriation can only be done when the Burmese Janta agrees to take them back and guarantees no opression. However, motives of people like Lalu should also be investigated.

  2. I’d posted a comment here rebutting some of Mr. Rezwan’s implict claims. HAve you deleted it Nitin?
    It wasn’t offensive or foul from what I remember.

  3. It is completely offensive for Bangladesh government. Government can arrest and punish the refugess,but cannot kill as thier choice. We need to see action for this henious and discrminatory behaviors of Bangladesh against poorly living Rohingya refugees.

    I believe that there is SPDC with Bangladesh goverment. Otherwise it cannot do as democratic country like Bangladesh.

    My fellow Bangladesh auththorities are earnestly requested to stop your friendship denying the Rohingya’s cause. Without solving the Rohingya problem, Bangladesh can never obtain peace on Burma-Bangladesh border line because there are nearly one million Rohingya in sourthern Bangladesh. Of them some are Very Important Person (VIP) of Bangldesh and some are high level official.

    If you continue this kinds of behavior, you will see bad to your own.

    let me know.

    Jhon, USA

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