Hunger strike…but only for a day

The Hurriyat resorts to tokenism

To protest against human-rights abuses in Indian Kashmir, the churlish charlatans have called for a hunger-strike.

“When we take to the streets we are welcomed with bullets. So we have now decided to go for a peaceful hunger strike,” he said. Mirwaiz said all the Hurriyat activists including the members of its executive council and general council would join the hunger strike.[Greater Kashmir]

It is good to see the Hurriyat adopt some respectable non-violent tactics, even if its only for a day.

The tokenism is not that the hunger-strike is only for a day, but hunger strike itself, given the fundamental irreconcilability of non-violent protests and armed struggle. The Hurriyat cannot have it both ways — if its hunger strikes are to be taken seriously, its support for terrorist strikes must stop.

2 thoughts on “Hunger strike…but only for a day”

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  2. That’s a good idea. Next they should go in for a strike unto death. After practicing that for a few times, I hope they will get good enough at it to follow up on it to the end (death). Then we can probably hope for a new generation of more responsible leaders who should engage the Govt for more serious discussions.

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