Nagaland peace process back on track

A combination of talks and military action is the right way to go

After what looked like a last-minute snag, the peace process in India’s north-eastern state of Nagaland received a boost when Messrs Isak and Muivah, leaders of the dominant insurgent group, confirmed that they would come to New Delhi to pursue negotiations with the Indian goverment after all. The confusion arose apparently, because they suspected the Indian government of having provided ‘assistance’ to among others, the opposing Khaplang faction.

It is difficult to see why the Indian government would want to assist the Khaplang faction in any manner — especially when, at its bidding, Gen Than Shwe’s forces are doing a rather good job of clearing up the Khaplang faction’s camps on Myanmarese soil.

1 thought on “Nagaland peace process back on track”

  1. NSCN (K), a splinter group from the original NSCN was allegedly promoted by the GoI for some time to get at the NSCN (IM) faction. Allegedly, for some time, one camp of the NSCN (K) was in the same compound as an IA formation. Ofcourse, the K faction went their own way after a while. Therefore, folks from the IM faction may have some doubts about the relationship between the K faction and the GoI.

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