Shah Rukh Khan tempts on the wrong day

Oops! They picked the wrong date.

Sri Lanka’s Buddhist establishment is enraged that Shah Rukh Khan and his colleagues are doing their stage show on the wrong day. It so happens that the event, scheduled for this weekend, falls on the anniversary of death of a conservative monk who died last year .

What other than intentional malice and gross disrespect to the memory of the Venerable Gangowadila Soma (who had campaigned against religious conversions during his lifetime) could lie behind the move to have Shah Rukh, Saif and Priety Zinta gyrate to “It’s the time to Disco!” on his death anniversary? Err…it was the weekend.

Clearly the show organisers have goofed up, ending up conveying an image of insensitivity. Just like in India and in Pakistan, religious killjoys often stand in the way of people having a good time.

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