Coalition government parallels

It’s called the Common Minimum Programme

Leaders of major constituents of the current coalition government have strongly criticized the government for failing to abide by the Common Minimum Program (CMP).

“The government is not functioning as per the conditions reached at the CMP.”

The (Communist Party leader) also argued the government has violated the CMP. “None of the government’s activities are as per the conditions of the CMP,” he said. [Kantipur Online]

A routine item in an Indian newspaper? Guess again.

It’s from the Kathmandu Post, and is referring to Nepal.

Nepal’s coalition government too is faced with the necessity to carry along its Communist Party (United Marxist Leninist) allies. So while Sitaram Yechury waves a CMP in front of Manmohan Singh’s government in India, Pradip Nepal does the same to Sher Bahadur Deuba’s in Nepal. Communists of the world, and their more radical comrades, do sing from the same song-sheet, after all.