Rating freedom in South Asian countries

From the ‘Michelin guide to democracy’s development’

Freedom House has published its annual ranking of countries based on political rights and civil liberties. (via Transition Trends)

Of the seven SAARC countries, three countries are designated ‘not free’ and three ‘partly free’. Only one country, India, is considered ‘free’.
Freedom in the World 2005
Interestingly, the Freedom House survey covers ‘disputed’ territories too. Of the eleven territories surveyed, eight are considered to be unfree, including Pakistani Kashmir. Gen Musharraf is right when he mentions Kashmir belongs in the same league as the Palestinian territories and Chechnya — provide he is talking about that part of Kashmir that is under his rule. Pakistani Kashmir could do with more freedom. In fact, Indian Kashmir — with its hordes of jihadi terrorists and the consequent intrusive security measures — is more free than Pakistan itself.
Freedom in the World 2005

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3 thoughts on “Rating freedom in South Asian countries”

  1. Isn’t it amazing that the Slimes of India have actually reported these findings today:

    Actually, I see this report as a call to do better. We still do not have as much political freedom and civil liberties as the advanced nations in Asia and the west. We still have weakening law enforcement agencies. One of the things I found when I visited India last month is the increased aversion amongst people to go to the police to lodge complaints. That needs to improve.

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