Tsunami relief effort – How you can help

How you can help

India: Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, by bank transfer, or by credit card;
Bloggers set up Tsunami Help (via Dina) ;
Bloggers Ramdhan Kotamaraja and Seshu (Tiffinbox) are collecting donations online;
Niranjani provides contact numbers of relief workers in Chennai (Madras). (They need essential items like non-perishable food, clothing and essential drugs like antibiotics, paracetamol and pain-killers).
Sri Lanka: Reliefweb (United Nations office)

Maldives: Relief center telephone contacts Saabe +(960) 776805, Eva +(960) 782747, Faya +(960) 776142 or Ziyad +(960) 772598 (via Divehi Observer); they need food, clothes and basic necessities

Malaysia: Bloggers have set up a fund for those affected in the Malaysian state of Penang

International NGOs: The New York Times big list of agencies you can support (via Saheli); Online donations accepted by the US Red Cross, Singapore Red Cross, Oxfam and Care (Australia).

Others:Vichaar’s list of relief agencies; On The Command Post; At A Voyage to Arcturus (via Tim Blair); More agencies listed at BDBO

You can copy/paste these links on your blog or website. And if you know of ways to help government/NGOs carrying out relief work, please leave details in the comment section.

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  1. I am organising and collecting items which are then to be sent over to Sri Lanka. I am one contact in Northern Ireland, although I need a lot of help in organising and starting this up as I do not really know how to go about things. Please e-mail me for further information, suggestions etc to stephanie_tsunamirelief@hotmail.co.uk

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  3. I would like to do more than simply contribute money to the Red Cross and other such organizations. Is there a way for me to directly help a child or a family in need?

  4. We would like to help a child who has lost both parents due to the Tsunami. In the long term, we would like to sponsor a child’s education through college.
    Who can we contact for the same?

  5. Hi Friends,

    I have put together a calendar with some events on it for Hindu and interfaith prayer and donation drives. Here is the URL


    If you know of any events please e-mail them to me at


    Don’t forget to include: Title of event, Place of event, including Street Adress, road, and city, time of event (ie. 12-1pm) and a website if available.

    This calendar will expire at the end of February 2005.

    I also want to put another section on my blog for news stories related to these events, and also related events that could not make this calendar.


    Looking forward to your participation.


  6. Sir,
    I am graduate studying B.Tech 1styear and would like to adopt an Orphand child and pay all the necessary income for his/her career. I wish to make him/her a sucessful person in this society. SO please give me the details of the child and the total income that has to be paid by me and also the procedure to be followed.I even wish each and everyone to adopt a child and make his/her career sucessful.
    Thanking You Sir,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Nitin Raj.

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  8. Sri Lankans Protest at evil Hot 97 Tsunami Song

    Sri Lankans all over the world have joined with the Sri Lankan Community in New York in denouncing the cruel and racist Tsunami Song by Miss Jones and Todd Lynn aired over Hot 97, the hip hop radio station in New York.

    Miss Jones who was only given a temporary suspension by Richard Cummings, President of Emmis Radio, is to get her job back in two weeks time. US President George Bush has been urged to take action against Emmis Radio. Cummings has been asked to visit Indonesia and Sri Lanka and see the devastation for himself.

    The news of Hot 97’s racist tsunami song is filtering through to the tsunami hit countries of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, South India. People are incensed at the song which goes beyond human decency. The governments of the tsunami hit region have been urged to take the matter up with the US Government as it insults the deaths of so many tsunami victims. Sri Lanka has lost over 40,000 people in the tsunami according to the latest count.

    Sri Lankans have joined in the demonstrations in New York supported by New York City Councillors.

    Here are the lyrics:


    Date aired: Morning of January 18TH-27TH 2005 (multiple airings)
    Station call letters: WQHT-New York (Hot 97)
    Offending DJs: Miss Jones and Todd Lynn
    Offending lyrics:

    “There was a time, when the sun was shining bright
    So I went down to the beach to catch me a tan
    Then the next thing I knew
    A wave 20 feet high came and wash your country away
    And all at once, you can hear the screaming chinks.
    And then no one was save from the wave.
    There was Africans drowning, little Chinaman swept away
    You can heard god laughing, swim you bitches swim.

    So now you’re screwed, it’s the tsunami,
    You better run and kiss your ass awake, go find your mommy
    I just saw her float by, a tree right through her head.
    And now your children will be sold in child slavery.

    (Imitating Micheal Jackson)
    “Oh on, please not the kids. I’ll pay for all the kids.
    all the little Indonesian kid, the little Asian kids, the Chinese kids.
    the black, oh well, not the Black kids.
    the White kids, the Puerto Rican kids.
    I love them all. I’ll pay for everything.
    I promise I won’t touch them.”

    Sri Lankans all over the world wishing to protest are requested to write to their local American Embassy and to –

    Hot 97 WQHT-FM
    395 Hudson Street, 7th Floor
    New York, NY 10014
    Phone: 212-229-9797
    Fax: 212-929-8559
    E-mail: jdimick@hot97.emmis.com
    E-mail: hot97@hot97.com
    E-mail: morningshow@hot97.com

    Barry Mayo, General Manager, Hot 97 WQHT-FM
    John Dimick, Program Director, Hot 97 WQHT-FM

    Emmis Communications
    One Emmis Plaza
    40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Phone: 317-266-0100
    Fax: 317-631-3750
    E-mail: IR@emmis.com

    Jeffrey H Smulyan, Chairman and CEO, Emmis Communications

    Federal Communications Commission
    Enforcement Bureau, Investigations and Hearings Division
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, D.C. 20554
    Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC
    E-mail: fccinfo@fcc.gov
    Web: http://www.fcc.gov/parents/content.html

  9. People from all communities will be protesting against Hot 97 radio station in New York – they insulted the deaths of Sri Lankans among others who perished in the tsunami by airing a racist tsunami song. It has angered people around the world.

    Join CAHM in protesting Hot 97 on Monday, Feb. 14 at 12 Noon in NYC

    Black, Hispanic/Latino, White, Asian, Hip Hop, Students … Everyone!

    Hold Hot 97 accountable for promoting hatred in our communities.

    The Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) is organizing a protest rally of Hot 97 and *EVERYONE IS INVITED* — Come as an individual or part of a larger group. If you are coming as a group, please e-mail them at alerts@asianmediawatch.net This will help us anticipate the size of the protest crowd.

    Bring posterboard signs denouncing hatred, racism, and the Hot 97 Tsunami Song. Signs must not be attached to wooden sticks. Use cardboard tubing or hold the signs.

    The location of the protest is nearly final, and it will tentatively take place in front of Hot 97 Studios.

    Who: Everyone
    What: CAHM Protest Rally Against Hot 97/Emmis Communications
    When: Monday, February 14 from 12 Noon to 1 p.m.
    Hot 97 Studios
    395 Hudson St.
    (between Clarkson St. & W. Houston St.)
    New York, New York

    The announcement will be posted on the web at http://www.asianmediawatch.net
    To receive the announcement via e-mail, subscribe to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asianmediaalerts

    In case of severe weather, call 914-882-1279 for the latest information

    Newsday has just withdrawn all advertising from Hot 97 as a result of the wicked tsunami song.

    Many companies have already pulled advertising from Hot 97 including McDonalds, Reebok, Sprint, and Toyota. We urge Newsday to also withdraw their ads.

    Hot 97 radio, owned by Emmis Communications, demeaned and dehumanized millions of victims of the South Asian tsunami to the horror of appalled listeners. To the tunes of “We Are the World,” Hot 97 radio hosts sang lyrics containing racial epithets and profanity, and denigrated tsunami victims in the name of God.

    Lyrics include “You can hear the screaming ch**ks … little Chinamen swept away. You can hear ‘God laughing swim you b****es swim.'” To read more about this incident, listen to the song, or read the full lyrics, visit the website http://www.asianmediawatch.net/missjones/

    The Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) was formed over two weeks ago to combat the hatred and intolerance promoted by Hot 97’s Tsunami Song, and to hold Hot 97 and parent company Emmis Communications accountable for their actions.

    CAHM is a diverse coalition with representatives from different communities: Black, Hispanic/Latino, White, Asian, Hip Hop, student groups, etc. CAHM member organizations attended the January 28 protest rally at Hot 97 Studios, in support of the protest efforts led by City Council Member John C. Liu.

    In response to public outcry, Hot 97 fired two staff members, suspended others, and pledged a donation to tsunami relief. However, Hot 97’s actions were done unilaterally and not in a spirit of mutual cooperation with the communities they so deeply scarred.

    Senior executives from parent company Emmis Communications, not Hot 97, need to meet with community leaders including City Council Member John C. Liu and representatives of CAHM. Firings and suspensions are not enough. Hot 97 management can simply hire new hate producers and DJs. Hot 97 must change its culture of hate: one that condoned, produced, and repeatedly broadcast the Tsunami Song.

    About CAHM
    The national Coalition Against Hate Media (CAHM) is a diverse coalition of over 40 national and community-based organizations that promotes diverse, fair, and balanced media representation. CAHM denounce messages of hate that discriminate against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religious background.

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