My nominations for the 2004 Indibloggies

The who’s and the why’s

Indibloggies 2004These are my nominations (in no particular order) in the five categories I chose:

IndiBlog of the yearAmardeep Singh’s thoughtful posts on a wide range of topics; Varnam’s sharply opinionated erudition qualify them to be contenders for the top award.

Best Topical IndiBlog – Suhit Anantula’s World is Green is exactly what it says it is while the gang at Spontaneous Order is attempting to impart some sense into economic policy-making. For their stubbornness they end up being nominees in the one-track mind category.

Best Designed IndiBlogSepia Mutiny’s design is in perfect sync with its title.

Best New IndiBlog – Many very good bloggers emerged in 2004, choosing just three was not at all easy. But the depth in the Brooding Dude’s brooding, the range in India Uncut and the ‘opinionatedness’ of the Secular Right make them stand out.

IndiBlog Lifetime AchieverNiraj started blogging (and blogging very well) just after those Giant Lizards left on their inter-galactic voyage after burying their bones in random locations; and Shanti Mangala’s idea of starting the Bharatiya Blog Mela more than qualifies her for this award.

A final list of nominees will be announced over at the Indibloggies soon. After that, all hell will break loose!

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