Weekday Squib: When a CD-plate does not help

A sign of improving bilateral relations?

Shivshankar Menon, India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan, was handed a ticket last week for driving at 120km per hour on the Islamabad-Lahore highway. He was fined Rs 750…His car was caught speeding by motorway police officials who refused to allow the vehicle to proceed unless the fine was paid. Diplomats are usually exempt from paying such fines. At most, a ticket is sent to the respective high commission or embassy and settled through diplomatic channels.

Sources from India’s external affairs ministry said they would take up the issue with the Pakistani foreign office once a report of the incident reached Delhi. However, insiders say Menon was the victim of a tit for tat as Pakistan wished to react to the external affairs ministry’s recent circular to Delhi Traffic Police that it was free to issue tickets to diplomatic cars that violated traffic rules.[DT]

The report does not mention whether the ISI vehicle tailing the Indian diplomat’s car was also stopped and charged with speeding.

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  2. You are concerned about the ISI car? I think it is fortunate that Menon escaped with a fine and not a severe thrashing like his colleagues used to be subject to some time back in that barbaric nation. In the absence of rather simple traits like civility, lapses of the type mentioned in this post are very easily understandable.

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