Fixing Pakistan’s education system

Just dollars don’t make sense

Sepoy over at Chapati Mystery covers Pervez Hoodbhoy’s two part series on Pakistan’s higher education system.

Focusing on meeting numerical targets alone is not enough to sort out the dismal state of Pakistan’s universities. At the same time Musharraf has failed to do anything meaningful when it comes to reforming the madrassa system.

Fixing Pakistan’s education system is in the long-term interests of almost everyone concerned — not least those of India, the United States and (quite obviously) Pakistan itself. The United States has announced that it will inject a further $75 million into Fulbright scholarships for Pakistani students to study in the United States. India should consider doing the same — scholarships, perhaps, are a better way to run the people-to-people contact business than allowing those Bollywood personalities to hold forth on India-Pakistan relations.

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  4. In my openion education can only be fixed in pakistan when the madarsa culture is linked with modern education,as majority of the people in pakistan have access to madarsas only they have their mindset in having initial education from madarsa and unfortunately madarsa culture is not very much equiped with any means of modern education.Any one can take example from earlier days of islam when prophets mosque was not only a mosque but a centre of exellence.If we need to address this the most important question we must put all efforts to redefine madarsas education

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