Yes, Musharraf has opened the jihadi spigot again

Leading indicators suggest that the party in Kashmir is over

Regardless of what ministerial nincompoops declare, the attack on the income-tax building in Srinagar was carried out by terrorists. The following week there was another attack on the indoor stadium complex that houses central government offices. Thanks to the border fence, some infiltrators were killed this week.

But you know the party has finally ended when reports of Pakistani forces providing covering fire for infiltrators emerge. While the Indian army spokesman is deliberately downplaying the Pakistani shelling, thanks to the need to maintain good ‘atmospherics’, these are tell-tale signs that Musharraf is attempting to coerce India. The jihadis and their Pakistani sponsors are very likely trying extra hard to stage a high-profile attack on 26th January, India’s Republic day — with various Indian government officials having gone on record saying that cross-border infiltration was down to a trickle in 2004, Pakistan will be able to claim that the attacks are staged by local Kashmiris as part of their freedom struggle.

The message out there for the Indian government is simple — the job is not over until it is over. It would also do well to stop the ridiculous practice of downplaying Pakistani and jihadi mischief in Kashmir, as this confers unnecessary and unjustified legitimacy on Musharraf.

Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
The answer is blowin’ in the wind. [Bob Dylan]

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5 thoughts on “Yes, Musharraf has opened the jihadi spigot again”

  1. U just wrote what was going thru my mind last night as I heard this in the news. Right now I just heard on TV the Pakis saying that they are innocent and they too heard loud explosions on the Indian side.How nice.
    Looks like its time for the candle brigade to get busy at the Wagha.

  2. Nitin,

    Yes I also think the General/CEO/President has decided to turn on the ‘terror tap’. While it’s rather depressing news for Kashmiris, I doubt that it will result in any strategic gain for the General. I’m beginning to suspect that the General doesn’t have a clue about how to gain J&K for Pakistan…so he’s just doing the same old, same old. In other words, whatever his tactical brilliance, the General is a dumb strategist.


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