Neither delayed nor denied

The Indian army’s speedy wheels of justice

A DNA test cleared an paramilitary officer of the charge of rape, but the Indian army’s General Court Martial still found him guilty on the charges of molest of a 12-year old girl and her mother during a counter-terrorism operation in Indian Kashmir. The officer was dismissed from service.

All this within three months of the offence being committed.

Before the court pronounced the sentence, the accused pleaded for mitigation of punishment in view of his unblemished record during the four years service in counter-insurgency in the Valley.

He also pleaded that he was found guilty on testimony of those people who were inimical to the country and that he had risked his life in capturing militants during operations. The Major has the option of submitting a pre-confirmation appeal under the Army law.

He can also appeal to the Army Chief or Union Government in case his sentence is confirmed by the Head of the Northern Command. [Daily Excelsior]

2 thoughts on “Neither delayed nor denied”

  1. i think the Major should be given a chance. That to after he proved innocent in the test. Half the kashmir is ruled by militants. So why lose a army man. Disposal of case should be fast, but in the civil society. I dont mean to say culprit should be let out.

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