Kashmiri self-determination, in perspective

Strong arguments from the world of deipnosophy

Primary Red of Secular-Right makes some excellent arguments at a New York dinner table.

Thus, it’s just as important to defend a people’s existing freedom, as it is to support a not free people’s quest for it. The former is India’s moral and strategic imperative in Kashmir.

We may reasonably negotiate with Pakistan on issues of terrorism, river waters, gas pipelines, and free trade, but there is no moral basis to settle these in the currency of Kashmiri freedom. Neither Indians nor Pakistanis, and crucially not even Kashmiris themselves, have the moral right to barter this freedom away. [A must-read post from Secular-Right]

4 thoughts on “Kashmiri self-determination, in perspective”

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  2. Deipnosophy, eh?! Very cool!!!

    Also, thanks a ton for linking to the blogpost. Your own description of India possibly “giving away Kashmir in a thousand bits” is spot-on. Odd thing is, there is little free discussion on this subject in India — the foreign policy establishment has its view, which the newspapers parrot faithfully, and very little dissent of the policy (such as the linked blogpost) can be seen in the opinion pages of Indian newspapers. What a pity.

  3. Could anyone please tell me why this terrorism and terrorist are there in this world.
    This is really a disgusting thing.

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