Sunday Levity: The Gaussian missile

Countering the Patriot

Pakistan is fully capable of countering India’s Patriot missile system, Defence Secretary Hamid Nawaz said on Friday. In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Hamid Nawaz said, “There are many strategic and statistical ways to cope with the Patriot missile system.” [DT emphasis added]

Their next missile will probably called the Gaussi.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: The Gaussian missile”

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  2. Well, not entirely laughable, I must say. Statistical methods mean that by increasing the missile to anti-missile ratio, i.e. by launching enough missiles one can throw the anti-missile system off. That’s why Russia recently announced its increasing its missile capability, anticipating the future deployment of the American NMD/TMD.

  3. Suran, it is the other way around. They are trying to throw off the Patriot missiles using statistical anti-missiles with presumably binomial trajectories. p<0.005 does it for me. But wouldn’t that be, cough, un-Patriotic?


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