Wierd and callous

The Indian Express is out hit-wicket on Musharraf-in-the-stands

It’s just cricket and no longer a diplomatic overture, argues the Indian Express. Therefore, it contends, General Musharraf must be invited to partake in this exciting contest between bat and ball.

By that token, Osama bin Laden (whose love of cricket in unknown), Dawood Ibrahim (whose love of cricket is well-known) should be invited too. Surely, there is no harm in inviting LTTE’s Velupillai Prabhakaran from Sri Lanka to share India’s excitement.

Sarcasm apart, engaging with an military dictator of an unreconciled nation is not really the best of ideas. Even if it is argued that negotiating with such a man is necessary because of the simple reason that he is the one calling the shots in Pakistan, there is no reason to like him. India gains nothing by having a Musharraf in the stands. Besides, he still can enjoy the thrills and spills of an India vs Pakistan cricket match from the comfort of his command bunker in Rawalpindi.

Capt Vikram Batra (PVC), Sepoy Bajindra Singh, Havaldar Mani Ram and Sepoy Rakesh Kumar were among the several young men from Chandigarh and its vicinity who died in the Kargil war. It is callousness on the part of the Indian Express to welcome the unrepentent cause of their deaths.

8 thoughts on “Wierd and callous”

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  2. I completely agree, India gains nothing by having Musharraf in the stands and there is no need for us to invite him for the matches.

  3. He shouldn’t be invited in the official sense of things. I guess manmohan said as much, saying “Not everything need to be polical/diplomatic”.
    One wonders, if any of the indian politicians went for the series in Pakisthan last time india went there?

  4. This is ridiculous logic. If you go by this argument than we should not be having any talks with Pakistan at all !

    The visit by Musharraf is purely symbolic in nature but one which will go some way in convincing the world that the Indian sub continent is a safe place. And will reduce the geo-political risk that investors associate with India – thereby encoraging more much needed FDI.

    What India needs the most now is at least two decades of peace on the borders. For India, Pakistan is a smaller irritant. The bigger enemy is China. India needs to get its act together and soon – we cannot afford to be diverted by the smaller nuisance

  5. I have to oppose Musharraf’s visit. The money *I* have paid as tax will be used to provide security to him … and I dont want him alive.

  6. Sameer,

    As you are well aware, a better budget from Chidambaram would have gone a much longer way in convincing foreign investors than things like Musharraf’s visit.

  7. I agree with Jagadish. I don’t want my tax dollars go to fund Musharaff’s security.
    I am for a ban on Musharaff visiting India.

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