Sunday Levity: Doing jimba

What blogging has in common with Bhutan’s national philosophy

Jimba is one the means Bhutan uses to increase its gross national happiness.

Already, jimba, in secular terms, is essentially public service. As such, it can be divided into three components:

— Who gets served? The beneficiary may be the general public, the local community, the less fortunate, mankind, or specific people;

— What gets served? The kind of service may be giving back to your community, working for the good of society, helping the community, or even being a contributing member of society;

— What is the reward? The benefit to the provider may be having the expectation of getting nothing back except that warm feeling of doing your part, or earning a living either as a public servant or as the employee of a nonprofit organization. [Thinley Choden/WorldandI via Utne Reader Online]

Sounds like blogging, doesn’t it?