The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (7)

A weekly attempt to perceive the contours and texture of the Elephant, as seen by bloggers.

A selection of this week’s posts

Telecom majors are ploughing in major investments in rural telecommunications infrastructure, reports Suhit Anantula. That should help drive economic growth in rural India, given that a 10% growth in mobile phone penetration results in an additional 0.6% growth in GDP (via Rajesh Jain). But that, as Chanakya reveals, may mean some people may have do end up doing their own housework.

The Global Growth blog reports that India’s budget has given a fillip to micro-capitalism. Following the example set in Bangladesh, one Indian NGO aims to create one million women entrepreneurs.

Self-delusion and Rich in rhetoric — Aruni Mukherjee takes two leftist op-eds to task.

Over at Zoo Station, AC relates how the Indian government’s move to position Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science into a world-class university is causing some heartburn. Sepia Mutineer Abhi and The Agonist carry excerpts from R A Mashelkar’s essay on R&D in India that appears in Science magazine. Meanwhile at the Scientific Indian, Kiran reports that the Indian government and Europe’s Green party teamed up to successfully challenge a patent on the Neem tree. [Update: Indra reviews the Red Herring’s issue on the Silicon Subcontinent]

While it has been argued that India’s growth has been due to entrepreneurship (as against China’s, which is foreign investment driven), Sumedh Mungee cites a BusinessWeek article that argues that India’s entrepreneural culture is embryonic.

Rashmi Bansal over at Youth Curry points out five things India could learn from America (via Patrix), while Amardeep Singh has some thoughts on developing the tourist industry.

The Indian government has (finally) put five major state-owned companies up for sale, including automobile, heavy electricals and energy companies, reports Niraj.

Less than three months after the globalisation of textile industry began in right earnest, China has already shot ahead. Indra exhorts the Indian industry to see the challenge and fight.

Jagadish has some pointers for multi-national companies who want to improve their performance in India.

Pradyuman Maheshwari took down his media watchdog blog after the owners of India’s Times of India group threatened legal action.

The average Indian needs to work for just 16 minutes before he earns enough to buy a cinema ticket (via Secular-Right). But if that Indian happens to be a tax-evader in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, then that person will have to face official music (via Sepia Mutiny).

If you head over to Kiran’s Indic View one of the things you will find out is that India is emerging as a leading producer of wind energy. He also posts the latest petroleum update.

And finally, motivated by Becker & Posner, discussions on the relationship between economic and political freedom, on Secular-Right and here on The Acorn.

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