Spot China’s South Asian lackeys

Pakistan and King Gyanendra’s Nepal show remarkable alacrity in backing China’s anti-secession law

Pakistan was the first one off the mark. It enthusiastically declared its support for China’s new anti-secession law that authorises the use of force in case Taiwan declares independence. Now it is Nepal’s turn, to declare ‘unequivocal’ support for the law. That support came after the Chinese ambassador paid a courtesy call on one of King Gyanendra’s deputies.

Pakistan and Nepal join Syria, Ethiopia, Belarus, Indonesia, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominica, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan in strengthening their commitment to the one China there is. Vladimir Putin’s Russia has joined the party too.

While Japan and Australia have expressed concern, India has yet to make a statement. It will probably like to keep it this way. China’s law may not amount to much on the matter of reunification, but it does force its friends to show their hands, and stand up to be counted.

4 thoughts on “Spot China’s South Asian lackeys”

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  2. Caught in a bind again ! Thats the only way u can define the situation that we are in.There was a talk of telling the chinese to keep off the nepalese kingdom.The latest is that the chinese foreign minister is visiting nepal and arms supply is very much on the agenda. This was the last link in the india’s saarc relationship which could have at least been maintained. There is no point calling them china’s south asian lackeys. the chinese have played out their grand strategy. Our reaction to their anti secession law may not be helpful in the larger know how the chinese are . they dont forget things easily. may be our vision is too narrowed down on pakistan even to the extant that we are willing to get overwhelmed by the US and their dangling carrots on pakistan. Remember, the gringoes dont come with whole lot of issues to discuss when they come calling.they only come with one liners. This time around it was to tell us to lay off Iran. Remember Powell’s visit during ops Parakram.So its time we learnt not to get excited about strategic partnerships.At least on ground they have not really produced much.Even as of today the armed forces have not sorted out their spare parts problem.We probably think that our silence on the anti secession law will win us brownie points from the US. I think in the long run this silence can prove counter productive in our own internal security.Even the Russians are clear in their approach so why not us.

  3. India should also support “one china” but only after it supports the “one india” which should include Pakistan-Baloch-NWFP, Nepal, SriLanka, Bangladesh.

    Some Day Akhand Bharat will be realised.

    Eternal Hope-Mike

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