Nepal confronts its own ‘uniform-issue’

King Gyanendra must sack his wardrobe advisors

King Gyanendra is clearly taking his admiration of the ‘Musharraf-model’ a bit too far. He appeared in a military uniform, resplendent with buckles, medals and sashes. He even traded his ceremonal crown or the traditional Nepali cap for a very military peak cap!
King Gyanendra on Army Day - BBC pictureMusharraf salutes - BBC picture
With the get-up looking suspiciously familiar, one cannot help wondering if the uniform, medals and all came as part of the military assistance that Pakistan promised Nepal! With General Musharraf being forced to exchange his uniforms for sherwanis and shalwars, there is plenty of used military equipment that can be sent to Nepal. King Gyanendra of course, had to get into shape first.

5 thoughts on “Nepal confronts its own ‘uniform-issue’”

  1. dear Nitin,

    You probably must have read my comment in ‘Arms to Nepal- China and Pakistan must be blocked-1’.when I said- wonder who the mentor is -I meant exactly this.

  2. This is an excellent example of an article produced by a Parachute Journalist , unaware of the age old tradition of the kingdom of Nepal. “Shiva Ratri” is the national military day in Nepal, and the tradition has it that the King, being the military figurehead, attends a function organiged to mark the day. This is not the first time, and king Gyanandra is not the first king, who has appeared in full military attire to grace the function.
    Though I am not a fan of autocratic monarchy, I feel the readers should not be misled by petty journalists who fire up a sensation just for the sake of it.

  3. Prasanna,

    Thanks for the clarification. Like you, I too believe readers should not be misled by journalists or bloggers — petty, parachute or otherwise.

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