The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (8)

Every week some not always blind men from not necessarily Hindustan alone describe what they think is the elephant. Here are this week’s perceptions.

A selection of this week’s posts

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has secured a contract to build and launch a communications satellite for Malaysia’s MEASAT, reports the Scientific Indian.

Sauvik reveals the funda of anarcho-capitalist-libertarianism.

Over at Chiens Sans Frontiers, Ruth writes that post-tsunami rehabilitation has begun, although things could certainly be better.

Old laws make the justice system more of an injustice system, suggests MadMan. Reforming Indian labour laws is a nightmare, leading Manmohan Singh’s government to take the easy way out, argues Reuben Abraham.

Rashmi Bansal finds pay packages for entry-level IIM graduates is going through the roof.

Patrix takes the India vs China meme to celluloid — China’s movies are doing better internationally, in spite of having equally unbelievable fight sequences.

Robi Sen notices China’s demand for oil at US pumps, which makes it timely to head over to the Indic View for another petroleum update

Paul Wolfowitz’s appointment as World Bank chief may have disappointed many, but not the good folks at Secular-Right. Reuben Abraham writes that while it is too early to say how Wolfowitz will fare at the World Bank, the bright side is that he is no longer at the Pentagon.

The debate among India’s tourism policymakers is about scotch whiskey, when its should be about maintaining and packaging attractions, leaving Sandeep quite angry.

In Srijith’s opinion, the pay-as-you-like business model does not quite add up.

Dina Mehta has some sober(ing?) thoughts on the closure of Mediaah.

And finally, Amardeep Singh points to a dark-underbelly-gazer by Dilip D’Souza that proves Indira Gandhi right — like the world’s third-richest man, the world’s third-poorest man is also an Indian.

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