The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (9)

See what the Elephant feels like this week.

A selection of this week’s posts

One more creature of habit hits the Indian blogosphere — Dr Abhishek Puri now posts a weekly report on the state of India’s broadband industry over at GigaOm. The other is of course, the weekly India Petroleum Update on the Indic View.

Chandru has an idea and is looking for investors; but he may find it difficult to find them as long as he calls his blog ‘Selective Amnesia’.

Airfare wars have begun in India — Reuben Abraham notices, while MadMan takes advantage.

MadMan also writes about official corruption, which screamed for attention this week not least due to this gentleman from Uttar Pradesh. But Sandeep has other thoughts about the link between corruption and religion.

One dude broods about the role of government, while another argues that there is no such thing as free lunch, or glass of water.

The Communist government of the Indian state of Kerala has made the transition from Mao to Deng, observes JK.

Secular-Right resents the changes that risk India’s prestigious IITs losing their brand equity.

And finally, here on the Acorn, a rebuttal of a conservative think-tank’s arguments against the sale of an American telecommunications assets to an Indian company.

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  3. Ravages,

    I think I left a comment earlier, but I see I am a stranger to this blog.

    It’s certainly not a result of amnesia, selective or otherwise 🙂 You may hav e either deleted the cookie or purchased a new computer.

    Btw, I’ve fixed the link. It now points to your idea.

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