A polite refusal from Moscow

Pakistan’s quiet attempt to lobby against India’s UNSC candidature fails

General Musharraf’s special envoy only got as far as Alexander Saltanov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister. Quite obviously, Musharraf did not send a foreign office veteran all the way to Moscow to hold general discussions on ‘mainly international and regional issues’. The real motive was to seek Russia’s support for Pakistan’s attempt to block attempt to get a permanent seat on the expanded UN Security Council. There, the Pakistani envoy drew a blank.“

In the context of a upcoming UN reforms the Russian side affirmed the well-known consistent and principled position of Russia on expanding the UN Security Council membership. Moscow sees India as a deserving candidate,” said Russian sources, reiterating Putin’s statement in December last that Russia would back a permanent UNSC berth for India. [DT]

Moreover, by leaking news of what was supposed to be a ‘secret meeting’ the Russians did not lose the opportunity to score points in New Delhi.

11 thoughts on “A polite refusal from Moscow”

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  2. Thank You, Mr. Putin. Though somehting tells me your qctions aren’t motivated entirely by fuzzy warm friendliness….

    Pretty soon India will grow big enough to not be ignored. Wonder what Pak’ll do then.

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  5. Although I can sympathize with India’s desire to be a permanent member of the security council, I believe Japan would be a better candidate at this time. It has a First World economy, it’s a technological powerhouse, and it’s the second largest economy after the U.S. India, while an admirable country with rising prospects, still has not sorted out what its role in the world should be.

  6. KXB,

    I’m not sure if Japan, and for that matter the existing P5, have sorted out what their role in the world should be.

  7. Russia’s support might be genuine, but I have to wonder what would happen if the US decided to change its mind and endorse India’s bid for a permanent seat. For now, endorsing it is a piece of cost-free diplomacy for the other four permanent holders. That China has also given its support to India’s bid should raise some red flags (no pun intended). And the Russians have always been good at handling this stuff – think back to the autumn of 2002, when Putin made it known that he criticized Bush in person for his support of Pakistan (he called it “a junta with nukes”), and then came to New Delhi and firmly took India’s side on the Kashmir issue, at a time when anger over cross-border terrorism was running high.

    In other news, the New York Times has a column about how 22 million Chinese have signed an online petition demanding that their government oppose Japan’s bid for a permanent seat. Just one more example of how the PRC has let ultra-nationalist sentiments get out of control among its people.

  8. Has China given support to India’s bid? I dont really recall… would someone throw some light on this?

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