Sunday Levity: Kashmir belongs to the United States

And a Pakistani newspaper succumbs to an April fool gag

The Daily Times of Pakistan actually fell for this!

Kashmir, the bone of contention between India and Pakistan for over 50 years, belongs to the United States, claims Dan Brown in his soon to be released book ‘The Secret of the K-word’. Brown, the author of international bestseller ‘The Da Vinci Code’, said that by using spectroscopic analysis he discovered the original document over which the Instrument of Accession, signed by Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh and preserved in the National Archives New Delhi, was superimposed. The secret document reveals that Hari Singh was apprehensive of joining both India and Pakistan and covertly ceded Kashmir to the US. According to Brown, when the map of Kashmir is reversed it becomes similar with the US southern state of Kentucky. Talking to The Times of India by telephone, Brown said that he had employed an ancient Kabbalistic form of numerological interpretation to discover, “amazing co-relatives between Kashmir and Kentucky which could not be coincidence.” [DT/Original article from TOI]

Not content with scaring off bloggers with lawsuits, the Old Lady is now wilfully distorting history, and yes, ‘internationalising the Kashmir dispute’

9 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Kashmir belongs to the United States”

  1. Shouldn’t you also say that the TOI also fell for it.
    It reminds me of the joke by Dr. liprA looF a couple of years ago about cricket which was shamelessly picked up by some columnists and stated as fact.

  2. Srirangan,

    Actually, DT is among Pakistan’s more credible dailies. This report was captured by its ‘monitor’, which just reproduces interesting reports from around the world.

  3. All they do is copy from other sources and post. Most of the time without permission, nor crediting the original source. I don’t think much of DT.

  4. I think a couple of years ago, the web site of Haaretz, one of Israel’s largest papers, fell for a spoof article in which the Arab League condemned the presence of an Israeli astronaut on a US space shuttle mission as signifying the “Zionist occupation of space”, or something like that. It just goes to show how those given the task of keeping us informed about world affairs are as capable of being suckered as the rest of us – as if we needed further proof.

  5. What most of the people missed out was the link at the bottom of the article which said Click here for more details
    The cause of all the confusion was that the article was initally posted on THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2005 10:31:38 PM with out the disclaimer link, which was added on later at FRIDAY, APRIL 01, 2005 12:56:17 AM.
    The fact the Pakisthan Daily Times fell for it underlines there Fact Checking of the news.

  6. That article was supposed to be an April Fool Joke. The last page of the same issue of the newspaper clearly mentioned that it was supposed to be an April Fool Joke… Only that probably DT forgot to read the last page 😉

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