No to Musharraf – the Urdu version

The Hindi/Urdu blogosphere makes a statement

Rojnamcha and Idhar Udhar Ki have made the “No to Musharraf” statement in Hindi/Urdu. Raman Kaul’s Urdu banner and little rhyme is excellent.

No to Musharraf - Urdu Version - Source: Raman Kaul

Aamirana hukumranon ke liye Hind mein jagah nahin
Bagal mein bomb, haath mein balla,
Hum bhoole nahin Kargil ka halla
Aaya khel dekhne maasha-allah
Dil se hai dehshat ka dalla [Idhar Udhar Ki]

4 thoughts on “No to Musharraf – the Urdu version”

  1. Vajpayee invited Musharraf to India after the coup; thus legitimizing his ascendence to power! And this even though he had attacked us in Kargil, presumably without the knowledge of Nawaz Sharif. What a way to screw ourselves! Now probably it is too late to deligitimize this man!

  2. nicely done.
    the geek historian is thrilled with the usage of “hind”. may just have to write a post on this one…

  3. Excellent..sounds way better in Urdu :)Nitin, nice to see the ball you set rolling rapidly gaining pace.It features prominently in this week’s Mela. The Instapundit readers should get a first-hand account.

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