Who threw the stone at the Pakistani cricket team?

A lone miscreant, or an angry mob?

Pakistan cricket team’s bus attacked by mob, scream headlines in Pakistan’s Daily Times and GeoTV online. Pakistan upset after a stone shatters bus window, goes Mid-Day, Mumbai’s leading tabloid. There was of course a huge crowd gathered outside the Ranchi airport, gathered to welcome and catch a glimpse of the superstars of Pakistani cricket. Unfortunately, it a one man’s act of rowdiness is enough to transform a crowd into a ‘mob’. And Ranchi is a place where even hotels refuse to host politicians because of, what else, rowdy behaviour.

While the one stone thrown at them by one man may be a one-off affair, travel arrangements may be a bigger cause for worry for Inzy and Co.

The Pakistan players were already unhappy with the travel arrangements made for the one-day series as when they and the Indian players were brought from the team hotel to the small airport lounge at Visakhapatnam for departure to Ranchi, it was already full, leaving the stars standing around for half an hour or so.

The frustrated expressions the players wore as they walked into the lobby said it all. As if playing in this hot, humid weather wasn’t bad enough!

The Pakistan players have made no bones about the fact that they are less than pleased with the scheduling of one-dayers in far out corners of India, which makes their travel as tiring as the cricket itself. [Mid-Day]

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