It’s a molehill, really.

Or, who is afraid of Musharraf’s television talent

The News, a Pakistani newspaper, sees B Raman’s SAAG article as an attempt by India’s intelligence agencies to ‘advise’ the Indian media to “evolve a strategy to counter Musharraf’s better media handling skill”. If this refers to the skill which he displayed in the now famous breakfast with the Indian media at Agra or his video address to India Today conclave a year ago, RAW’s supposed fears are rather unfounded.

The good Mr Raman has a point when he writes that India’s “objective should be not to deny him the theatre which he always seeks, but use that theatre to cut him down to size.”. But even he, a retired senior intelligence officer, and RAW, India’s external intelligence agency, would be greatly surprised (and elated) if the Indian media would actually pay heed to their advice.

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  1. How pathetic of the newspaper to directly quote from Raman’s paper and pass it off as “inside information” about the RAW!

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