The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (11)

The dance of the Elephant, as seen by bloggers.

A selection of this week’s posts

In its bid to safeguard public morality the Maharashtra state government has decided to close down ‘dance bars’ across the state, thereby depriving consenting adults of the right to enjoy grotesque renditions of Bollywood ‘item-numbers’. Even Hard Rock Cafe opening its newest outlet in Bombay (all right, Mumbai) will be poor compensation.

Staying in Bombay, Ajit Balakrishnan shares his thoughts as he strolls down Central Bombay with a copy of the Global Competitiveness Report under his arm. And while on the topic of indices, Indra contrasts India’s favourable position on the global outsourcing index with its rather poor position on the global creativity index.

But Chandru has no problems with creativity — not with this rephrasing of the law of diminishing returns. The Economist’s review of Tom Friedman’s latest book may have been scathing, but Rajesh Jain thinks that if anything, Friedman has just underplayed the impact of the ‘flat world’.

Improvements are in the air with as India opens its skies, and private Indian airlines flying to New York. But on the ground, the reality is that India’s airports are the worst in the world.

India is now the fifth-largest telephone market in the world, with more than 100 million telephones; teledensity has leaped from 2% to 9% in just about a decade. Last week’s telecom and broadband update is up on the India Broadband Blog.

Jeff Ooi observes that the manner in which India is handling economic policy, especially agriculture, affords some lessons for Malaysia. While the Pakistani Perspective notes that an Indian advertisement for a digestive tablet is topping the popularity charts in Pakistan.

The Opti-Mystic thinks aloud on black marketing, while Spontaneous Order confesses to having illegally jumped over road dividers.

Last week’s blog mela hosted by Patrix has several posts on the economy. While Kiran files his weekly petroleum update.

And finally, Avinash directs us to the Jeedimetla Police Station — not only has it received an ISO9000 certificate, it looks good too!

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  3. But Chandru has no problems with creativity
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