Time for Nepal

Featuring interviews with both the King and the Revolutionary

Alex Perry interviews King Gyanendra and Comrade Prachanda in this week’s Time Asia magazine’s issue on Nepal. They both sound bizarre.

King Gyanendra in uniform - Picture from Time MagazineTIME: What did you make of the strong international opposition?
Gyanendra: It’s fair to say that those who should have known [what I was planning] knew, and those who should not, simply did not. Surprised is not the word. Disappointed, that’s the word. Because what was the objective of Feb. 1? I think I made it very clear: to fight for democracy against terrorism. Now our friends must come and tell us whether this objective is incorrect, or help us in this cause.

TIME: In your proclamation, you spoke of an offensive against the Maoists. When can we expect that?
Gyanendra: Is that something that’s prudent? Do you want us to be aggressive, insulting or attacking? I do not think it is wise to only attack. There are many other things which also have to be implemented, like winning the hearts and minds of the people, for example. You have to have the population with you in this type of situation.

TIME: On the responsibility and irresponsibility of members of the royal family, some have had concerns on that score regarding the Crown Prince.
Gyanendra: That’s something you should ask him, it’s not for me. But that new understanding and approach is already bearing fruit. [Time]

TIME: Do you truly believe your revolution will spread across the world?
Prachanda: The imperialist world order makes a handful of rich richer and the vast majority inhumanly poorer. Anybody can observe a growing global unrest and protest by the masses against this world order. We deeply believe that what we are starting in Nepal is only a part of a worldwide revolution. Our Party is not only fighting autocratic monarchy but also the evil of the imperialist world. [Time]

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  1. India is surrounded by absolutely loco regimes man. This stuff would be hilarious if it were not so tragic.

  2. It is the India its neighbour have so much problem with. In with country have to Prime Minister killed because of hobnobing with terrorist?

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