Jakarta is an opportunity to stabilise Nepal

The Indian PM should meet King Gyanendra

If a high-profile snub was necessary, it was delivered when Manmohan Singh refused to shake-hands with King Gyanendra in Dhaka. King Gyanendra and the rest of the world got the point.

But this week’s Afro-Asian summit in Jakarta gives them a good opportunity to move ahead from the uneasy status quo in bilateral relations. Dr Manmohan Singh would do well to take the opportunity to meet King Gyanendra. And read him the same riot act.

Despite Gyanendra public bravado , it is certain that he is looking for a face-saving (and crown-saving) route out of the current imbroglio. It is within the realm of possibility, and India’s diplomatic capability, to use the meeting to further its own interests in Nepal — primarily, the return to a constitutional rule. Whether or not Gyanendra eventually ends up with his crown intact is a matter for the Nepalese people to decide — India can allow him to return to Nepal with his face intact. Of course, a price needs to be exacted — and that would involve immediate restoration of civil liberties and a time-bound return to constitutional rule.

Ultimately, if India’s goal is to see a stable, democratic Nepal, Gyanendra needs to be compelled to climb down from his high horse. The sooner India gets round to doing this, the better.

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  1. This is what a dear friend who was in kathmandu recently for his marriage, wrote to me…kinda changed my persp on the issue a wee bit.

    “Heard the latest about maoists….!!!!! like any political party they are also on verge of break up… the party first brought down their supreme leader and made second in command as main one.. now they have kicked out the first supreme leader… i mean stripped him of his roles and kept him in captive… there is division among their army into ones loyal to present leader and one loyal to previous leader…chalo news news and waiting…
    Its all such a planned move by King… Hats off to him.. a year max… of suffering and pain to our people and then we very much hope to see NEPAL back into stability and peace…GOD give us the patience and power to go through this agnipariksha…
    Pray for us dear.. Pray for the only Hindu kingdom.. pray for land of Lord Buddha.. pray for everest and kanchanjunga..dhaulagiri dear… they desparately need some peace and tranquility now..
    During my marriage time… maoists had blocked all supplies into kathmandu.. sala that time the cucumber we bought for party was Rs150/kilo… tomato.. Rs.200/kilo…. such was situation and is also…nahut mahenga pada dear for us…
    But now we see a sign of hope that we will have peace… army is out there outside the valley fighting heavily with maoists.. there is no count of killings and meida is banned bcoz’ of censorship.. good thing in a way.. no human rights walas or foreign agencies can intervene now… army is into a clean up job now…

    This king would set up the dictatorship now.. but hopefully would be a benevolent dictator…

    Chal thats much of news from there.. do drop in masala from there yaar… ”

    Says a lot, don’t it?

  2. I do not understand India’s stance on Nepal. They should have openly and aggressively backed the kingdom prior to the King’s takeover. India has insurgencies in many states (including maoist threats). Why change your foreign relations with the only Hindu country in the world simply because it has a disease, one that we have already contracted. We should, as soon as democratic rule is reinstated (and perhaps use it as a bargaining chip), monetarily and militarily play an active role in eliminating the Maoist threat. What do we have to be afraid of? Militant camps in Nepal that strike us from across the border? It is more in the interest of the King to eliminate the threat than it is ours. This is not Pakastan where we have fundamental differences with the country and must worry about pissin off terrorists that we can’t get to.

    In addition, an economically prosperous Nepal will bode well for India. Nepal, were it to free itself from this Maoist threat would, as it should be become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This would create wealth in Nepal, which would naturally translate to a substantial increase in imports, primarily from India, into the country

    No other country in the world resembles Indian culture, beliefs, and religion more than Nepal does.

    The current state of Nepal is not the kings fault, but our own

  3. Jay Patel

    View is currect, now the Indian Government is hopmobing with Maoist Terrorist, look at the result in the past they did same with Panjabi terrorist and a PM was killed , they did it with Tamil Tiger and her son was blowen to pieces and now they are repeating the sad story. when will the indian learn

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