Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, RIP

He trapped the Tiger

The headline in a leading Bangladeshi newspaper said it all. Bangladesh, Dhaka’s Daily Star writes, has lost a friend. That sentiment was echoed by both sides of Bangladesh’s bitter political divide, when both Morshed Khan, the foreign minister and Sheikh Hasina, the opposition leader expressed their condolences on the passing away of Gen Aurora.

Gen Aurora, the man who received the surrender of the Pakistan’s troops in its eastern wing (now Bangladesh) was in the finest traditions of the Indian army. And thanks to that one photograph, his memory lives on.

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4 thoughts on “Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, RIP”

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  2. The only just war in modern history where liberating army treated the people and the enemy with due regards. I can not find any thing like this. The only just war in the modern history where was nothing left of the liberating forces after the task was acieved.

  3. Hi I am abdul wahid from quetta Balochistan Pakistan.
    I want to be a student of jagjit sing, i am a fan of jagjit sing since1983 when i was in school,
    is there any institute of ghazal students or keyboard teachers kindly inform me. I will be very thankfull to you

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