Left behind: It’s the CIA stupid!

To an Indian Marxist, it is the CIA that is causing trouble along the Bangladeshi border

Reading recent newspapers may not be in among India’s Marxists, but writing in them most certainly is.

Infiltrators along our eastern borders were there even during the Awami League tenure in Bangladesh. The ISI could not have operated in that country without the tacit or overt connivance of the Bangladesh government; that an Awami League regime, with its known pro-India stance, would have tolerated any Pakistan intelligence presence within its territory strains logic. It would be an altogether different proposition if the infiltrators were organized by the Central Intelligence Agency, with its record of little or no respect for other people’s sovereignty, and local authorities in Bangladesh too would feel so helpless as not to dare to protest. The hypothesis is at least worth considering: given the penetration of 9/11 ideology in our establishment circles, Indian intelligence networks would rather blame the ISI than the CIA, conceivably the real perpetrators of the series of recent border mischiefs.[Ashok Mitra/The Calcutta Telegraph]

But thanks to Aruni Mukherjee, this flight of fancy does not go unquestioned.