The Americans asked the right questions

At Guantanamo Bay

The big controversy, of course, is over the methods American interrogators used at Camp X-Ray. But no one can fault them for the questions they asked.

The three prisoners, who had been taken to the Guantanamo detention facility from Afghanistan in January 2002, said the Americans interrogated them about Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISI.

“But most of their questions were about the ISI. They wanted to know how many of those detained in Guantanamo had been associated with the ISI. They would to ask things like what were the networks of the ISI in Afghanistan and Iran, how the agency worked in those countries and who were working for the ISI in Afghanistan and Iran,” the Guantanamo returnees (said) [DT]

As for the ISI, it has alleged that one of the returnees had a testicle chopped off. Now did that happen in faraway Cuba or nearer home in Pakistan, where they were interned for several months after their return?

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