BSNL & Intelligroup plagiarise from The Acorn

Verbatim without attribution

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), has this paragraph on its website under a section titled Teledensity: The key factor:

Mobile penetration is growing roughly at the rate of 1 million subscribers a month; China was doing this number in 1998. In 2002/3 China added more than 5 million subcribers a month ! India has the potential to take the same route, now that the licensing regime has stabilised after the umpteen fiascos of the last decade.[BSNL]

The entire article is attributed to BSNL’s Content Team and Intelligroup Asia Pvt Ltd, and is date-stamped 6/08/04 18:42:38, ie 6th August 2004.

Well, the entire paragraph came from The Acorn. It was published right here on this blog on 7th January 2004. They didn’t even bother to correct the inadvertant error in the punctuation (the space before the exclamation mark). While the folks at BSNL and Intelligroup are welcome to use material from this blog, they are required to attribute it to the source as per the Creative Commons attribution license. They did no such thing.

How about a little honesty, Messrs BSNL and Intelligroup?


Intelligroup plans two more facilities in India

Intelligroup currently has two facilities in India and both of them are in Hyderabad.

The company’s total global headcount is 2,000 with around 1,400 being in India. It is expecting a year-on-year growth of 40 per cent in its workforce.

Besides, although the company’s major revenues at present come from abroad, it is planning to increase its presence in the Indian market as well.

“So far, the pace of adoption of our services in the Indian market has been slow which might be attributed to the high price points of our services. But with there being a boom in the retail and the pharma sectors, we will be increasing our focus on the Indian market,” Prithviraj said, adding that they would be getting into partnerships with local vendors in India besides localising industry-specific templates for this purpose. [Business Standard, emphasis added]

20 thoughts on “BSNL & Intelligroup plagiarise from The Acorn”

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  4. Nitin,

    at the risk of sounding trite – imitation is the best form of flattery – a small consolation perhaps. It is amusing (and surely annoying) how they lifted your words verbatim including the typo “subcribers” in reference to China.

  5. Vijay,

    I didn’t even spot those Chinese “subcribers” until you pointed them out.


    I was using Google to research material for an upcoming post on teledensity and economic growth. Both the Acorn and BSNL’s site were among the search results.

  6. Nitin, first a country blocks your website. Now another Govt. steals your content. You are on a roll.

  7. Wo! This deserves tremendous publicity. Not that these guys follow your blog – i’m sure they don’t – but there’s google you know. You must write about this to the IT minister, the BSNL chairman, everyone. And get the cached page before they remove the paragraph.

  8. Although imitation may be the highest form of flattery, I suggest you take this matter seriously. Write to BSNL so as to make them aware of the situation. For all you know, they might be getting fleeced by their content providers. I never knew I would see a day when MSM would steal content from bloggers (heck, TOI does it all the time though)

  9. Dont worry Nitin. The moral guardian (sic) of the blogosphere,Varma, the person who steals a lot from the internet every single day has taken up your cause at Indiauncut. Retribution shall soon be done.

  10. Vikram,

    Thanks. But I think there’s a huge difference between citing, linking and quoting (with attribution) on one hand and passing off the material as one’s own on the other. The internet and the blogosphere thrive on the former; the latter is just theft and dishonesty (and a crime in several countries). Publishing a street directory is not quite the same as selling off your neighbour’s house as your own.

  11. This shows that blogs are slowly getting more importance as providers of information, which are unbiased and not commercially motivated.

    BSNL should have ackonowledged Nitin’s contribution as practiced in the blogosphere.

  12. What would have happened if you (or me or someone else) had done a same thing. copied something from BSNL WITHOUT giving them credit or acknowledging them…

    One fact is getting confirmed….. BSNL is becoming more of a private organisation

  13. What can you expect from a govenrnment department run by babu’s who are there just to make money rather then contributing and doing their job properly!.

  14. Congrats ! First a ban, now plagiarised. Can it get any better ? As zigzackly would love to say — you are becoming faymbus man..!! (btw, wanna disclose, which country was that ? or did I miss it ?)

  15. Wow, I feel so privileged being remembered here 😉

    AND NO Michael, I do not work for BSNL nor do I intend to.

    Ah! and as Vikram Chandra puts it, “The moral guardian (sic) of the blogosphere, Varma, The person who steals a lot from the internet every single day has taken up your cause at Indiauncut. Retribution shall soon be done.”

    But I need to correct Vikram on closing statement. “Redistribution shall NOT be done soon, BSNL would be GoogleBOMBED

    Cheers Rohan Pinto

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