The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (14)

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On globalisation, Amardeep Singh, yes that Amardeep, explains why India has no single message. But Arundhati Roy’s dissing of India’s mobile phone revolution received quick rebuttals from Chanakya and Gaurav Sabnis.

On the subject of telecommunications, Kaps writes that the distance between him and his loved ones has been killed by Skype.

One thing Indian ecxel in is in spellling. Michael Higgins has some thoughts on competition and ethnicity. From Rashmi Bansal’s post, it appears heavy school bags may have something to do with it too. Making kids wake up early for school has its virtues, but Shivam Vij prefers 10:00am.

Bangalore is also Tom Friedman’s favourite city, reports Zoo Station’s Andrew Lih; while his co-blogger Reuben Abraham covers Jim Hoagland’s prediction that India (and not China) will dominate the 21st century. Friedman and Hoagland have perhaps not heard of Raghuvansh Prasad Singh (ed). But Suhail Kazi has.

Jet Airways is encountering some turbulent weather en-route to the United States – Rajeev Srinivasan and Niraj cover some of the interesting objections that have been raised.

Kaps has more about corporate India’s latest wars. But, as the Dalal Street blogger predicts, does the Sahara story have something darker in the dal?

Vishal Sharma has some thoughts on India’s bid to become an R&D hub. But further down the value chain, are call centres the bane of an entire generation, asks Jagadish.

Patrix thinks Mumbai cannot realistically expect to match New York or Shanghai. But (Deewar-style), it has “K…”. Yazad and Secular-Right cover two sides of those endless “K…” soaps on Indian television.

Sukrit Sabhlok invites people to stand up and be counted. The Liberal Party of India may not have that many members, but it does have a blog.

And finally, here on The Acorn, a curious incident of corporate plagiarism.

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  2. Hi Nitin,
    Though Indian kids are doing wonders at the US spelling bees, apparently ‘spellling’ ‘ecxel’ ain’t that easy 😉

    One thing Indian ecxel in is in spellling.

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  4. err.. you comitted the same mistake as Annie(the blog which I pointed out). He is Raghuvansh Prasad Singh. Let’s not blame the Yadavs for everything :p. And btw, that buffalo headline was just to drive the readers to the actual post. He sounds like a reasonable guy, wanting to do some real work within his limits. How sincerely he does his job, I know not. Read the post that I point to. Cheers.

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