IndiGo who?

We’ll take 100 of ’em Airbuses please

Indian carriers are painting Paris red, err, saffron, white and green.

Little-known Interglobe Enterprises today placed the biggest ever aircraft order by an Indian company, for 100 planes, at the Paris Air Show.

The integrated travel company that holds the licence to operate the IndiGo airline, which plans to take off in six to nine months, placed firm orders for 100 Airbus A320s in a deal totalling $6.5 billion. This is one of the largest orders ever received by Airbus for any of its models.

The Paris Air Show, which saw major orders from Indian carriers, has been a big success for Airbus in terms of orders from India.

In total, Indian carriers have placed orders — both firm and options — for 135 aircraft with Airbus so far, while Boeing has managed orders for only 20. In terms of list price of these aircraft, the orders translate into $15 billion for Airbus and $4 billion for Boeing. [Business Standard]

5 thoughts on “IndiGo who?”

  1. Its interesting to see Indigo plans for the Indian market.I think they’ve being head by former U.S. Airways chief Rakesh Gangwal. The planes most probably be delivered late 2006 and Indigo will start with a full fleet and not build them up like their competitio discount airlines.

  2. Are these 100 firm orders? If so, they have to put down at least a $1-2 million deposit for each aircraft. That’s a $200 million expense right off the bat.

    Personally, I’m dubious about its prospects to succeed in a market that is filling quickly with many entrants.

  3. If IndiGO is headed by Rakesh Gangwal, we can see where it is headed. Just look at US Air during the time he was the head honcho there. Started it on the roll towards bankruptcy.

  4. Well, he may have been at US Air but at least he left before starting his new venture. He has not even left his current job as CEO of Worldspan and he is off spending the money he has been paid to “lead” Worldspan.

  5. respeted sir,

    congratulation and best wishes for your airlines. sir I am interested in your airline as in security dept. it there is any vacancy please let me know

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