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Lesser of two evils

Gen Musharraf is on yet another ‘first ever visit by a Pakistani head-of-state’, this time to Australia and New Zealand. Greg Sheridan of The Australian (via Rajeev Srinivasan’s blog) has some very astute observations to make on this.

What is he doing in Australia? The only logical explanation is that Pakistan is obsessed with India and tends to make an effort wherever it sees India doing well. And the Australia-India relationship has been growing in leaps and bounds.

While it’s sensible to encourage Musharraf in the right direction, the Australian system should not make any false equations between a semi-rogue nation retreating from the brink, such as Pakistan, and Asia’s largest democracy in India. [Greg Sheridan via Shadow Warrior]

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  1. Yo can read General’s transcript of interview in Australia televised here on SBS.
    Australian Interview Transcript

    GEORGE NEGUS: You are absolutely convinced that you are entitled to your nuclear arsenal, if that’s the correct word. Do you think Iran is entitled to a similar nuclear arsenal to yourself?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: We are against proliferation. We are against any nuclear or missile proliferation.

    GEORGE NEGUS: Even though you won’t sign the treaty, you are against proliferation?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes, we are against proliferation, but any country which ever goes on this path of unconventional, I believe should only do it if there is a threat, because your defence is based on a threat perception. We had a threat perception and we value it…

    GEORGE NEGUS: From India?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Basically, from India. And therefore since they went nuclear and there was an imbalance, we had to correct the balance and we did that. I don’t know whether Iran visualises a threat to it.

    GEORGE NEGUS: Yesterday, I drove past the home of A.Q. Khan, the man who is regarded as the worst perpetrator of nuclear proliferation that probably the world has seen – a nuclear criminal, some people call him. It looks to a lot of us outside of Pakistan that you’re protecting him. Why have you not dealt with A.Q. Khan?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Well, we have dealt with him in the best possible manner. We must understand sensitivities here that he was a hero here, he is a hero.

    GEORGE NEGUS: A national hero?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: He contributed to the security of Pakistan. Now, irrespective other than that, yes, indeed, the world considers him a proliferator, but if you talk to the man in the street, he is a hero, because he gave everything to his country.

    GEORGE NEGUS: But wouldn’t you solve this problem if you gave the International Atomic Agency access to him?

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, we don’t follow. How does it solve the problem? A lot of people come and ask me that.

    GEORGE NEGUS: Well, they’ll get information from him about…

    GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Do you think we are incapable of getting that information out? Do you think IAA is more capable of interrogating him, with all our experience with the terrorists that we are talking of, you think our people are incapable of interrogating?
    Either they don’t have trust in our capability, or they don’t have trust in our intentions. Now both ways it is wrong. We are capable of interrogating him and we have done it and we have provided information to everyone concerned. And secondly, our intentions are very noble. We have told everyone – “You have any piece of information from anywhere, tell us and we will interrogate him again, and we will give you the information.” So what is the problem?

    More can be read 2 episode interview at the above mentioned linked.

  2. Mr. Greg Sheridan, it means if India has good relations with Australia, then Pakistan should not go that direction and stay behind the isolation doors. Why does India get gas pipe-lines from Iran via Pakistan. Is, there shortage of gas in India, its just to flatter the relations of Iran, the first country that recognized Pakistan and has been most devoted friend of Iran followed by, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey and UAE.

    If your logics is that Pakistan should not go to the states where, there is India, then ask your country as well not to get into Iran. A very saddening and aggresive explanation that was, from you. If only people like you end up from both India and Pakista, there would no more be the pending-issues like Kashmir.

  3. George Negus, why shouldn’t we call Dr. AQ our Hero, why don’t you ask Indians, why they made A Kalam the President of India. Why wasn’t he blamed to have given any secrets to Israel. Talk some senses guys.

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