The weekly blogside view of the Indian economy (15)

The weekly peek at the Elephant. See what bloggers saw.

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India’s private airlines stole the show at Paris, placing orders and making headlines. Jet Airways and and IndiGo have given Boeing and Airbus much to cheer about. But the ultimate engima is whether Kingfisher Airlines has purchased too big a plane?

Amit Varma’s article on India’s incomplete liberalisation in the Asian Wall Street Journal was picked up by Reuben Abraham and Tyler Cowen. But Amit has not gone over to the dark side (via Aruni Mukherjee) — he explains why it is necessary for a free-market believer like him, to talk about its dark side.

While Narasimha Rao’s government launched the path-breaking economic reforms in the early 1990s, governments that followed have largely tried to liberalise by stealth. “Disinvestment” in the Indian political context means “privatisation”; or does it? (from Niraj, the Curry Man)

The print media was liberalised, well, sort of, but the policy has quite a number of loopholes, writes CSF’s Shiv Kumar.

Rajesh Jain points to Stephen Roach’s three forces of globalisation; it is not clear whether the Indian cabbies in New York about Roach, but as Amardeep points out, they have perspectives on globalisation too.

Although India is not on The Economist’s Big Mac Index, Reuben Abraham estimates that the Indian rupee is as undervalued as the Chinese yuan. (ed)

The Ambani brothers may have reached an agreement; but where is Reliance Infocomm headed, asks Abhishek Puri. The prospects for the industry, however, are bright — not least because, as Andrew Lih finds, Indian subscribers are pretty ‘yakkety’.

Rashmi Bansal calls for the Indian fashion industry should consider launching a ‘monsoon’ collection. Anita Bora enjoys the colour and (the cacophony?) of Indian markets.

Badri complains that instead of investing in innovation and R&D, Indian IT majors are content leaving surplus cash lying idle on their balance sheets.

Mahashunyam, over at Bubble Generation points to a micro-insurance initiative that provides critical surgery coverage for the rural poor. Sumedh Mungee and Rajesh Jain share their views on a World Bank-led consortium of Indian and American companies that intends to provide rural internet connectivity.

Patrix reports that Lenovo, the PC manufacturer from China that acquired IBM’s laptop business recently, is planning to make India-centric PCs.

And finally, here on The Acorn, an opinion on government-mandated killing of distance.

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  2. “Although India is not on The Economist’s Big Mac Index, Reuben Abraham estimates that the Indian rupee is as overvalued as the Chinese yuan.”

    Nitin, that should be undervalued, not overvalued. In my calculations, the INR is between 55%-59% undervalued using the BMI.

  3. All these observations are useful but doesn’t really give the full flavour of economic happenings in India over the past week. Here are some of the signifcant newsitems from a week ago

    June 15, 2005

    Virgin offshores IT in economy drive: Jobs offshored to India and South Africa
    India : KSL & Industries to invest Rs 600cr plan to enhance quality & production
    India: Schawk to invest $ 20 mn, hire 1000 in 2 years
    Pi Tech of Uk enters India
    Top Indian Business Leaders Have Single-Minded Focus on Growth and Innovation: Study
    LG to Manufacture Desktop PC Cabinets in India
    India: Desjardins Group and CGI create strategic alliance for IT services
    India: SOMA Networks gets $50 M funding
    INDIA: Domestic manufacturers planning to encash the restrictions on China
    INDIA: Exports grew 22 per cent in May
    INDIA: Portico launches new range of fine bath towels
    TeleVital to invest USD 10 million in India
    India: BPO moving up the value chain
    Brazil selects India’s i-flex products
    India to take on US over Internet control
    India: Unmanned air vehicle Nishant completes 100 flights
    India set to become global center for $80 billion chip design market
    Frankfinn, SBI tie up for airhostess education loans
    Emerson to outsource more work to India
    India: Sun opens solutions center in B’lore

    Ed: Additional headlines have been deleted as they are not essential to the discussions


  4. Sanjay,

    Thanks for the comment. I agree with you when you say these observations do not give a full flavour of the Indian economy. They are not intended to.

    Neither do headlines.

    The motivation behind the weekly blogside reviews is to provide a window on bloggers’ perspectives on the economy. I’m sure those readers who need news, reports and analysis from the mainstream media know where to go.

  5. Nitin,

    In my blog at, I subscribe to over 250 feeds & sift through them manually on a daily basis. Very often, I change the headlines and/or add my comments to communicate the deeper implications of a given news item. Far more than just headlines.

    In my view, this is perhaps the best way to guage the full breadth & scope of India’s growth & development.


  6. Sanjay,

    I’ve come across your bloglines link blog.

    I’m sure you feel that that is the best way to guage the full breadth & scope of India’s growth & development. You are entitled to your view.

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