The Two United Nations theory

The OIC demands a permanent seat for the Muslims

Its headquarters are temporarily located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ‘pending the liberation of Jerusalem, its permanent headquarters’. It represents one-fifth of total mankind. Despite one of its most vocal member’s stand on no new centres of privilege, it wants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council — on religious grounds.

Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference opened a meeting here on Tuesday with a call for a Muslim permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu urged a greater role for Muslim countries in world affairs and demanded a ‘permanent representation for the Islamic world on the UN Security Council’.

“The Islamic world, which represents one-fifth of total mankind, cannot remain excluded from the activities of the Security Council which assumes a fundamental role in keeping security and peace in the world,” he said. [Dawn]

One of the wilder proposals surrounding the quest for a ‘Muslim’ seat was Ishtiaq Ahmed’s — he suggested that the Muslim world should use India to effect a back-door entry into the UNSC.

Given its own internal contradictions, the OIC’s proposal is not likely to amount to much. Its main argument — that it represents such a big fraction of the world’s people — is quite hollow. By that token, the International Cricket Council and FIFA, the world’s soccer federation deserve permanent seats too.

Much of the debate around the UN’s composition and role is well deserved. But the question of religious representation is one debate it could do without.

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5 thoughts on “The Two United Nations theory”

  1. The Security Council is an organ of the United Nations. NATIONS. Don’t think that “Muslims” count as a “nation”, well not right now, anyway.

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  3. Separate seat in the UN for Muslims. Wouldn’t all Muslims have to belong to one country then? Perhaps they do belong to one nation. It is just too bad they have to co-exist mixed in with filthy kafirs. They are one big happy family better than the rest of humanity.

  4. OIC in order to get a permanent seat at UN should form a single muslim nation…from middle east to Indonesia….
    It seems these OIC countries are bankrupt of intellectuals and they find no other ground to ask for permanent seat than being muslims…..Most ludicourous & ridiculous.

    After Indonesia, largest population of Muslims live in India and India has always spoke interest of Muslim nations in the world fora whether its Iraq or Iran…..

    I think Malaysia is a very well developed country with large muslim (70%) population. Malaysia should be nominated by OIC for its economic strength and stature. Pakistan and Indonesia are neither economically well also represent extremist islamic nations.

  5. If Muslims are not represented in the security council, there really is no point to the UN.

    Yes there are many problems Muslims needs to face up to, not least their inability to up a united front.

    The current status quo for the west and nations such as india is an ideal one where Muslims remain disunited, economically marginalised and disenfranchised from power.

    However such a situation is neither sustainable in the long-term nor advisable for the future of humanity as a whole. The current imbalance between Muslims and non-Muslims will eventually be corrected, it is only a matter a time. Only thing that remains to be seen is whether this occurs through conflict and bloodshed or through reason and understanding.

    I as a Muslim simply hope that the CURRENT powers that be take a long-term view and paves the way for smooth and amicable realignment of power.

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