Inhaled journalism

High on anonymous sources

Arun Rajnath is unstoppable. Anonymous sources and undated meetings and little editorial responsiblity come together in a fantastic combination — in a news story where facts are not just chosen, but created to fit the author’s own agenda. In the latest case, this agenda involves insinuating that the recent terrorist attack at Ayodhya was not a terrorist attack after all, but in fact a fake ‘encounter’ carried out by the Indian government to suit its political ends.

If not for this report that suggests that Rajnath has previously been reprimanded by the Indian government, it would have been reasonable to believe that Rajnath himself was a figment of someone else’s inspired, err, inhaled journalism.

3 thoughts on “Inhaled journalism”

  1. Hmmm….

    One more example of incisive analysis by our eminent journalists….

  2. Hey Nitin ,

    If you have noticed , a consistent sponsor of the website Arun Rajnath writes for – is…

  3. Hi, Where is Rajnath writing nowadays. Now that the stupid site called is shutdown where is Rajnath looking to vent his propoganda.

    BTW does anyone know what is Rajnath’s real name ?

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