Pakistani jihadis drew up the ‘future map of Thailand’

The jihad of southern Thailand was planned in northern Pakistan

Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai prime minister, has armed himself with emergency powers to tackle the upsurge in violence in Thailand’s southern provinces this month. And here too, the role of Pakistan’s madrassas and terrorist camps stands out.

Karachi’s reputation as a training camp of international terrorists has been revealed: not only have the Indonesian bombers been facilitated here, but also hundreds of Pattanis of Thailand. The future map of Thailand was said to have been decided at Multan Road in Lahore by the jihadi leaders that President Musharraf presumably referred to while talking to the policemen. [DT]

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3 thoughts on “Pakistani jihadis drew up the ‘future map of Thailand’”

  1. As I see it:
    1) The Pakistani-PRC-Burmese subaxis are positioning themselves to attack, invade and conquer Thailand then Malaysia. The objective is to take the entire East Indian Ocean litoral including the Strait of Malacca (choke point). If they leapfrogged into Indonesia, Australia may also be threatened. Note pending completion of the Kunming – Bangkok Motorway (Tankway? TEL-way?). Note also completion of a few roads in Myanmar as well as very long runways (e.g. much longer than any forseeable commerical or frieght carriers would need – perfect for heavily loaded Tu-95, Tu-160, Tu-16/H-8, and military airlift, etc.).
    2) In addition to a Pakistani component in a surprise first strike against India, the PRC would help. Note the deployment of DF-21s in Tibet as well as DF-15s.
    3) As for Diego Garcia, Okinawa, Guam, etc – It is possible that an H-8 with cruise missiles could possible strike any of them without actually leaving PRC / Burmese airspace. There has also been talk of Russia selling Tu-22Ms and / or Tu-160s to the PRC. Those, with their best cruise missiles, could definitely strike all of these bases from within PRC / Myanmar airspace. There is no real defense – only the few that would be shot down ad hoc. Many would get through.
    4) Russia continues to feign friendship with India. Of course they do. The last thing Russia / the Shanghai Cooperation Org would want to see would be India being part of a new SEATO. A New SEATO inclusive of powerful India would match, actually exceed, the SCO: India+ASEAN+US > PRC+CIS+(Iran?). Therefore, Russia will do all that is possible to keep India from embracing ASEAN and the US. The PRC are now in on this game as well, trying to talk peace and raproachment. The game is this – keep India “neutral” for as long as possible so that when the SCO goes into aggression mode, us Allies will not be already assembled. Do not trust Russia. Do not trust Iran. Do not trust the PRC. Continue to distrust Pakistan and Myanmar. Etc.

    Steve Sadlov

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