(Alleged) hot pursuit

But unlikely though

Even as the Indian army has been fighting off a renewed surge of jihadi infiltrators, Pakistan’s military authorities have alleged that some Indian soldiers crossed the Line of Control to arrest one person.

That is what the Indian army should be doing. It may be just the response to discourage Pakistan from injecting infiltrators into Indian territory under the cover of a ‘peace process’. But such a response is as unlikely as it is desirable.

Pakistan’s latest allegations are a variant of the ‘unprovoked shelling by Indian forces’ story that was de rigueur in the past. After the Indian army’s rather successful operation in the Gurez region of Kashmir, this is Pakistan’s tactic to ratchet up the tension, and attempt to put Indian counterterrorism efforts on a back foot, without having to reach the point of actually violating the ceasefire. After 7/7 and increasingly successful attacks by the Taleban in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s links with international terrorism are again in focus. At this moment, Gen Musharraf cannot afford too many risks on the Kashmir front, resulting in allegations, rather than bullets, flying.

Update: The arrested man returns home, Pakistan holds its line while India rejects the allegation. (DT)

7 thoughts on “(Alleged) hot pursuit”

  1. While I agree with most of your views, I will disagree here.
    Hot pursuit is a sure recipe for ratcheting up tensions and the result can only be disastrous.

  2. hehe, the GIs too are violating the border on the other side of the border. Seems Pakis are being violated on all sides.

  3. Gaurav,

    Sure, hot pursuit will ratchet up tensions; but the result need not be disastrous. There is a lot of space between hot pursuit and disaster.

  4. Nitin,

    Considering that both of the nations possess nuclear weapon capable of annihilating each other, I will like to err on side of caution.
    These things can really get out of hands

    Sometimes I think that better way is to “do unto them what they do unto thou”.
    Ofcus it is not very fashionable idea.

  5. Gaurav,
    I would like to err on the side of caution too. But are we exercising too much caution? Are we practically tying one hand of our soldiers behind their backs by requiring them never to cross the LOC, lest we cause some tensions and start using nukes on each other? I think we at times tend to use too much “caution”.

    And I don’t think this has to do with lack of courage or too much faith in the Pakistani heads. I think perhaps we Indians are too comfortable with the status quo. But guess what, this sort of status quo isn’t good for us.

  6. Gaurav,

    That’s exactly what the Pakistani army would like you to believe — one step across the border and its nuclear war. As long as you believe that, they can continue with cross border terrorism with impunity. In fact, the Indian army’s new strategic doctrine (Cold Start) concerns itself with calling this bluff.

    While India paying back Pakistan in the same coin may help extract ‘revenge’, it is unlikely to prevent Pakistan from instigating terrorism in India. Even without India bothering about it too much, the internal security situation in Pakistan is far from stable.

  7. Nitin,

    I agree status quo is not good for us.
    I was not thinking about “exacting revenge”, but “showing them the error of their ways”, surely a noble pursuit.

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