Sunday Levity: The Best Brickbats

Endorsements that won’t make it to the back cover

In my opinion, the most stylist brickbat that The Acorn has ever received is this one, in response to a post on the dangers posed by Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an Islamic extremist organisation that is now banned by the British government.

Your dilettantish efforts at intellectualising are true examples of your brainless subjugation to the shallow thoughts of a decadent society. — Abdul Rahman

He and another Hizb supporter demonstrated a witty condescension in that discussion.

On another note, a Pakistani reader agreed that hunting of endangered birds is wrong, but that ‘outsiders’ had no right to condemn his country.

Why do you people poke your nose into the internal matters of a country? Whatever we do with our guests, who are you to speak? We have great respect, honour and show hospitality for our dear Muslim Brothers. If they want to come and hunt so what? — Imran A Abbasi (ed)

A Nepalese reader had similar feelings, and wrote this in response to an article on King Gyanendra’s games.

What the hell you are writing about nepal? It seems as though you are the father of democracy — Prem (ed)

An Indian reader had this to say about a post on India’s new national security advisor.

This article is a load of bollocks. — Sujit

The Acorn’s advice to Sri Sri Ravishankar suggesting that keeping spirituality out of realpolitik is a good way to go, evoked this response from one of his followers.

So instead of theorizing and being an intellectual, just do the (Art of Living) course. You will be plentifully blessed. — Ajit Navaraj

But the brickbats received for criticising Arundhati Roy’s various self-publicising capers stand out in a class of their own.

It is so interesting to read another of your flacid attacks on Arundhati Roy. You have outdone yourself by simply leaving a quote which has, in essence, nothing to do with what she said. — Donald Veach

Educate yourselves, it could change the way you look at things.

I can’t believe there are still people who think like you, Roy is a great activist and writer who is fighting the injustices of Capitalism. She doesn’t write about fiction, she writes about the reality of her people and the exploitation of third world countries. Your comments only show your ignorance on this issue. — Liliana Paz (ed)

Who is “The Acorn”? I imagine one puny little person, pontificating behind a huge computer. How dare you take on Roy without having read “The God of Small Things”. Do you always jump head first into topics without having a mastery of them? — Said Gretzinger

I find that last one particularly amusing, especially when I access the internet using my handheld computer on the subway, where I have a good view of the top of most people’s heads.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: The Best Brickbats”

  1. Lordy lordy lordy. If only I were as famous as you, O Great Acorn. Just so that I could get similar brickbats to entertain myself. Remember folks, if you can write a good book – this makes you a good political activist.

    Arundhati Roy is , to put it politely, full of shit. The kind used to cook rotis on.

    But as for the banned fundy groups…I’d be afraid…very afraid…

  2. Sadly, this kind of crap comes with the terriory. The anonymity and distance afforded by the Internet grants many self-important jackals the courage to utter things that they’d never have the courage to say to a person’s face. It reveals quite a lot about human nature, in a morbid way.

  3. I think that Arundhati Roy is an idiot; a prized idiot but an idiot nonetheless. An opinion piece in The Telegraph a couple of years ago put it very nicely:

    “Nobody questions the rights of writers to express political opinions but when it comes to the bulk delivery of unsolicited guidance on the world’s shortcomings, Miss Roy’s currently in a class of her own.”

  4. Ms. Arundhati Roy wrote an article after the last India election in Observer, portraying Congress as the same dark evil force as BJP (no surprise there) and that only communist parties can save India from this evilness! That article reveled a lot about the intellectual stupidity of Ms. Roy and her coterie – it was as though the past 60 years of economic history of poor struggling India did not happen (even if you ignore the history of communism in the rest of world). Most of her followers are in Europe and U.S. and probably never visited a third world – forget India. They ignore history and live in a make believe world. I got a taste of her following when I went to my small southwestern city public library where I came across her anti-Iraq book. Any sane person would consider this book garbage, but all the seven copies of her book were checked out and there were plenty people waiting in reserve to read her marvelous support for Saddam’s dictatorship.

  5. There are a lot of fools , imbeciles and morons in the world. And Arundhati Roy is their goddess.

  6. Ha ha ha…worth a good laugh, some of these comments, especially the ones expressing outrage w.r.t Arundhati Roy. I noticed that all three colourful comments were posted by people with western-sounding names. Any trend there? Interesting…anyway, while I’m aware of the dangers of profit-above-all-else capitalism, we should be extremely cynical about mindless anti-globalisation crusaders.

    As for the Hizb, Khilafah etc. crowd, their grand illusions notwithstanding, Muslims are killing EACH OTHER in Islamic countries throughout the middle-east, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I’ll just paraphrase what Navjot Sidhu said once about WI umpire Eddie Nichols – these buggers cannot find their bum with their own two hands.

  7. Hey Acorn.. Great going…Keep it up
    This is a pretty good compilation…
    However, the lady just requires the oxygen of publicity from time to time and we should be hearing something mindlessly profound very soon..
    It would be interesting to see further analyses of the HUT. I was seeing Hardtalk on BBC a couple of weeks ago when a follower of Bakri was spewing hatred and this was beamed to everyone..Horrifying stuff that in terms of their views.. and I am amazed that those buggers haven’t been locked up by Scotland Yard yet…

  8. Like other readers above, I too noticed that the defenders of Ms.Roy (or terror apologist or prized idiot, w/e) were Western folks.
    I guess its far too easy for them to connect to Roy. Considering they probably have seen the first hand ill-effects of most of what she advises/says.
    Her latest one in Outlook (which is feverently devoted to her)

    ” Kashmiris have not seen the terrible reality of Pakistan, what they have seen is the terrible reality of India”

    My reaction was “Did you tell them you represented all of India? No wonder!”

  9. Too bad I haven’t got such detailed brickbats yet. The first one reminds me of an episode of Friends where Joey uses a thesaurus on every word 🙂 Fame has its downside too.

  10. Arre, why can’t you people lay off Arundhati? She has a right to her opinions, no? Talk about “brainless subjugation” – by reading the comments above, it would seem that she was somehow more dangerous that Hizb-ut-Tahrir!

  11. U guys are the best. Keep on doing what you are. The brickbats prove that people read your comments and even if they dont like them they come back, again and again for more. !!

    As re; Arundhati Roy, she sure is full of bullshit. Infact the rule now is that if Arundhati touches any project or issue, it sure is gonna get screwed up.

  12. raven, a quick look at India’s post-Independence history – including the present-day – will demonstrate that ignorant, sanctimonius, leftist twits like Arundhati are plenty dangerous, and have arguably produced far more human misery for India than any Pakistani terrorist outfit. This doesn’t mean that I favor using the law to silence her, but you can’t simply dismiss her ilk as harmless on account of the fact that they wield pens rather than car bombs.

  13. Eric, how do you compare her to ignorant, sanctimonius, rightist twits like Modi, who really have produced human misery for Indians?

  14. Dear Nitin, continue your fabulous work. The abusive mails that you get might be welcome from your side but please dont get misguided. Its impossible for someone to get “educated” as one fella hounds.

    I dont want to boil down to criticizing Roy or pakistan or Nepal. All because i feel they deserve more than mere criticism…

    Just wanted to remark for the devotee of Sri Sri Ravishankar. I was a student at Art of Living and feel blessed to be a part of the movement. But if Sri Sri keeps hugging pakis and kashmiri militants, let me tell you, people following him then would be nowhere to be seen….

    God bless Acorn…..By the way is this your private blog or can we contribute articles?

  15. Bharadwaj

    Thanks for the kind words. While I write most of the posts on this blog, I do, very selectively, invite others to write guest posts; either to articulate a different point of view, expertise or idea. Here’s the ‘By Invitation’ archive.

  16. Hi Acorn,

    The response of the British towards the terror attacks have been appropriate. On the one hand there are the Mullahs like Omar Bakri who take advantage of a liberal, free society to spread their hate. On the other hand, there are the muslim citizens of britain who express their loyalties to the international ummah.

    After the bomb attacks, a lot of these muslims interviewed on cnn and bbc condemned the attacks but always ended their statements with a “But”. They used the opportunity to express the “issues” muslims have with the british policy towards terrorism. There must be a zero tolerance attitude against such justification of murder, which first condemns and then goes ahead to subtly rationalize.

    Muslims need to be firmly told that when you live as a citizen of Britain and enjoy all the comforts and rights of that society, you have no business in trying to dictate the national policies made by a government elected on democratic principles. The British government, or any government for that matter, is not beholden to islamic aspirations nor can it frame policies which serves the islamic hate towards jews and Israel, or serves the islamic love towards terror dispentions.


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