The Liar and the Newspaper

The Washington Post takes Musharraf apart

Gen. Musharraf ‘s Lies: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf complains that his country is unfairly portrayed as a place where rape and other violence against women are rampant and frequently condoned… In fact, it deserves such a reputation. So retrograde are Pakistan’s laws that there are more than 1,500 women in prison as a result of rapes — they were prosecuted for adultery — while arrests of men occur in only about 15 percent of reported cases.

Gen. Musharraf, too, deserves the reputation he is earning as a ruler who cares more about how he is perceived in the West than in implementing the policies he claims to espouse, or even in speaking the truth. The general, who seized power in a coup six years ago, has reneged on promises to retire from the army or restore democracy. He has not carried out the reform of Islamic religious schools that he promised in 2001. He has allowed the extremist Afghan Taliban movement to base itself in Pakistan’s western provinces with virtual impunity. He has repeatedly insisted, almost certainly falsely, that Osama bin Laden is not in Pakistan. All the while he has gone on collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid each year from the Bush administration, which accepts his words and ignores most of his actions. [WP]

The editor of the Washington Post forgot about Musharraf’s lies about the jihadis who continue to carry out attacks in Kashmir. But for writing such a good article they can be forgiven for this lapse. Especially for the manner in which the editorial concludes.

When Gen. Musharraf’s statement provoked an uproar, he responded with another lie: He claimed that he had never made it. In fact, a recording of him speaking is available on The Post’s Web site, His words are quite clear. “These are not my words, and I would go to the extent of saying I am not so silly and stupid to make comments of this sort,” the general said. Well, yes, he is. [WP]

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  2. Just like the General, your paper has a history of lies too when it comes to Pakistan…take one example…In your years of covering the Kashmir Issue, a sixty year old conflict with religion at its base, almost all of your reporting came from non-Muslims …is this a coincidence?…Would you admit to any wrongdoing? …no, you won’t. The second point is a laundry list of things, the General did not do this or did not do that…First, if you know where Osama is then please help the General out. Second, it is one thing to say reform Madrassas and laws and it is a different thing to actually achieve results…but your opinion is contrary to the US government’s assessment that suggests a significant shift in Madrassa based education …read about the recent agreement between the Pakistan Madrassa council and the government of Pakistan on the governance of Madrassas… but let us get to your central point…It is about the rape of women…shouldn’t this be deplored internationally..I think it should be…women are victims everywhere and all of us should look at improving out own lot…According to a recent Amnesty report, a women gets raped in the US every fifteen miniutes with no consequences for the perpetrator. If this can go on in a society that has the most sophisticated law enforcement, supposedly good laws and governance to protect women, freedom to openly speak out about the ordeal and freedom to sleep around if that is what one wishes then isn’t it unfair to ask of others to produce overnight results especially when all of their law enforement resources are tied to fighting our war on terrorism. And when it comes to making millions…the General mis-spoke…it is not the raped women that make millions…it is the NGOs that have made fortune out of this…driving fancy cars, travelling in and out of the country, staying in world class hotels as if the tarvel, lodging and meals were free, maintaining staffs, audio-video production equipment etc. etc….you name it. And assuming you know it all, you must also know who is paying to the NGOs for all of this because the Government of Pakistan is not. And finally, the Iraq example is telling us how difficut it can get to change the course of a nation, even for the greatest super power on earth, when the population does not cooperate and that is one of the problems in Pakistan.

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