Pakistan accepts Indian assistance

The Acorn is proved wrong. Good.

Musharraf has gotten over his ‘sensitivity’ to the quake victims receiving help from India.

An (Indian Air Force) IL-76 aircraft will carry 25 tonnes of relief material that would include medicines, tents, blankets, plastic sheets and medical equipment. The airlift will wait for Pakistani clearance to fly in.

Much can be done along the Line of Control. But barring the fact that neither side is being strict about chopper operations along the LoC, ideas of joint relief and rescue are yet to take shape.

Saran said India has conveyed to Pakistan that there are areas which may be easier to access from the Indian side and if such locations can be identified, then foot patrols could be arranged. [IE]

Though late, it is good to observe that Gen Musharraf has accepted that saving innocent lives, even with the help of percieved rivals, is worth it.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan accepts Indian assistance”

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  2. I am not so sure. I think the General has accepted aid from India to score in International media rather than to save and provide comfort for innocent lives. There was a Reuters report that a well known British TV anchor was denied visa to Pakistan because his parents were from India while the Pakistani consulate allowed the rest of the TV crew to enter Pakistan. The General will do the bare minimum to keep the bad press off his back.

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