The Indian Express finds its cojones


It took an attack on New Delhi for the Indian Express to say this. For the writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

General Pervez Musharraf has promised India all help in tracking down the culprits — a cyclostyled resolve that is reissued each time there is a Islamist outrage anywhere on the planet — and the Lashkar-e-Toiba has been nudged into a press statement that says, ‘‘We didn’t do it.’’ This mix of dissimulation and deception has outlived its utility…

The Delhi bombings were not isolated incidents. Despite the October 8 earthquake, the killings continue in the Valley. On Wednesday, a car bomb went off in Srinagar. Across the LoC, a United States helicopter carrying relief material was fired upon. All this can’t be explained away with impotent reasoning like: ‘‘It shows the terrorists’ desperation.’’ The question is: what is Musharraf doing about it? On January 12, 2002, a month after the Parliament attack, he famously vowed to dismantle the terror infrastructure, reform madrassas, drive out foreign jihadis. He’s dined out on that one speech for four years — but done precisely nothing. When confronted on specifics, he’s retorted with one specious point about Kashmir or another, the latest being his alleged success at making the ‘‘LoC irrelevant’’.

It is not the LoC that is irrelevant; it is the LoC excuse that is irrelevant. Exterminating the base camps of terrorism and allowing greater linkages between the two Kashmirs are entirely separate issues. In attempting to confuse them, Pakistan’s president cheats the global community. In the end, Musharraf is not going to be judged by what he says on PTV or how he responds to Indian initiatives on the LoC. His test lies in the LeT-run jihadist terror school just outside Lahore. Can the man who invaded Kargil please show the courage to lead his troops into Mudrike? If not, should the world do his job for him? [IE]

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  1. The article might have been directed at the wrong audience. Its not the Pakistani generals who need to be convinced, its the international community that has to be convinced about how dust is being blown over their eyes. The general will keep lying until they would be allowed to.

  2. Yeah right. This posturing of IE or most Indian media lasts only until next appeasing statements or hollow deeds of the General. We were there before with Kargil and Parliament attacks (even ignoring the thousands of people killed in J&K every year). On each occasion, few months later, the same media declared the General was apparently media savvy and a man with plan while portraying Indian leaders as dopes (which they probably are for engaging with a charlatan).

  3. First and foremost, Bravo IE!

    Chandra Dulam, I wouldn’t be as dismissive of the media. I’d like to believe that this time is different. Musharraf’s making his usual helpful noises and even got the LeT to condemn their own work! That’s not fooling anyone this time around. There’s only so much rope that’s handed out to him. He’s slowly strangling himself with his actions (which certainly don’t match his words – never have). He’s rapidly forfeiting any benefit of doubt. This dummy now has zero credibility.

    As TOI remarked in their edit, the need of the hour is controlled rage. The kind of rage that gives direction and a sense of purpose to our actions – the kind of rage that powers careful planning and ruthless execution. And I do think that we’re on our way. Witness the Delhi police doing a meticulous job (like screening millions of cell-phone calls) and not blaming the “foreign hand” just yet. Once their job is done and the verdict is in, that thoroughness will be very useful. We don’t need to share any info with Musharraf or his cronies (so that they can do a better job next time around). Then comes the time to formulate a plan to checkmate this fool and his dumb designs.

    The media (that includes bloggers) needs to keep this issue hot and in public focus till the response to this action starts being executed. Let’s make sure that these folks did not die in vain.

  4. This is just plain ol bull !! These people are reacting the way they are because of they are on the payroll of the present govt in power 😀 They dont care about *anything*. If it had been a BJP govt in power, they would put the onus of BJP to make peace with the Pakistanis.

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