Taking it out on teenagers is out

India must taken quick action against those behind the outrage

The subcontinent’s version of the old game of spooks and diplomats is particularly rough, and many a round ends up in bloody noses and red faces. But the abduction and harassment in New Delhi of a Pakistani teenager — the son of a Pakistani official — goes beyond ‘normal’ practice.

Roshan (Ali) was picked up by unidentified kidnappers in the southern part of the city and taken to an unknown location. To his horror, he discovered that the room had three dead bodies lying around. He was made to strip and his hands were smeared with blood. Then he was given a large blood stained knife and was forced to stand next to the bodies while being photographed in different poses. Later he was blindfolded and put in a vehicle.

The abductors threw him out of their vehicle near India Gate lawns, some three kilometres away from the Pakistan High Commission. He returned to the commission premises around 2:30 am.

A handwritten note, stuffed in Roshan’s pocket, asked for his removal from New Delhi within five days or else they would release incriminating evidence about him, which “could send him to the gallows”. A First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged at the Chankiyapuri police station. [DT

As bizarre and fantastic as it sounds, the Indian government would do well to expedite a complete investigation into the affair, prosecute those found guilty and present an account of its action to the Pakistani government. India itself should expect no less if something similar happens to one of its citizens in Pakistan. Whether this incident was motivated by personal enmities or by some Delhiites attempting to send a message to Pakistan, it is well beyond what is acceptable conduct in India. Whether or not it was their intention, all the miscreants managed to do was to give the folks at Pakistan’s Foreign Office the perverse pleasure of summoning the Indian high commissioner who would have no other option than to sound contrite. They scared the teenager, but shamed the nation.

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  1. It looks like, the poor guy has got a prank played on him by someone from his school/college. I hope the culprits are caught soon. Anyone familiar with the Delhi Colleges won’t be too much surprised by it. Although I’m not implying that the environment is bad, its just that don’t be too much surprised if you hear weird things. Its as fun a place as it is dangerous for the easily fooled.

  2. If I were a betting man, which coincidentally I am.
    I would wager that there is a ishtory behind the story .
    The diplomats son [villian, not because he is a pakistani, because he is a diplomats son – spoilt brats to the nth] tries to or seduces the hero’s [the kidnaper’s] girl and gets what he deserves…..the end!

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  4. I don’t know if the story is true or not, but reading Sachin’s comment above was a shocker. He says “Anyone familiar with the Delhi Colleges won’t be too much surprised by it.” What a moron. He makes me wonder what college did he study in.

  5. Nukh, it really was ‘some’ college and we played ‘some’ similar pranks. Really miss those days and people, even the ‘staff’ ticket and the repurcussions of someone not recognising the word.

  6. Gourav’s comment is even more idotic though. Congrats Gourav, you always manage to upstage yourself. I thought your comments on India-Secular Right were inept but now you have finally proved it.

  7. Sorry about the acidic comments, those comments about Delhi Colleges which were wholly unjustified touched a raw nerve.

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